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  1. New SK FB post - no LOGO tonight, on vacation, so it’s another episode with IM (poor guy, more torture from the nasty, pouty, NOT size 0 mean girl) and then SK is going on va-cay tomorrow - anyone know where, has she shared???🤔
  2. Good morning! Don’t you all think the OAP’s have contracts with QVC and also, because they are making boatloads of 💰 selling their junk, they have to keep coming back.....heck, what’s an hour or two with a twit/moron/brat like SK when you’re pocketing tons of cash? I wonder if the OAP’s have meetings with TPTB about the mistreatment and disrespect SK shows them when on air? She’s hurting them and their product with her attitude, I wouldn’t be happy about that, it’s her job as a high paid sales clerk to make their items and them look good and to encourage the viewers to buy, right? I am happy to hear that many of them are questioning her now and taking her to task when she can’t behave herself.....wonder how many invitations she’s been receiving lately to all of the “posh” events she used to brag about? It sounds like she was a real bee-otch last night - it also seems like SK goes rogue when she has to host shows where she isn’t the main attraction or has to present things that she deems beneath her - spot on Rocketinu! 👊. Happy Saturday all, stay cool....🍦❄️⛄. Love the comments and insights! Thanks for the ❤️ & laughs! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  3. I just buzzed in on the QVC website and watched a few seconds live, she’s with IM now and, maybe it’s the way she’s sitting, but girl ain’t no size 0, uh-uh - looking schlumpy and she’s definitely pouting about something, looking very peeved for whatever reason. She’s railing on IM about living somewhere else and he mentioned Scotland, she asks why, he starts mentioning kilts, smoked salmon, the hats, men with dark hair and blue eyes, watching golf, not playing and she’s all “me too, I love watching golf, it’s so relaxing” and IM says the brogue - she asks him what a brogue is and I had to stop there....🤦‍♀️ yikes...😆 I’m loving everyone’s comments - thanks! I’m going back to baseball, thank you ever so much! Keep up the good work!
  4. Good Morning, This article was informative, but I did read a lot of “coulds” and “mights” when the author was describing the tech....there are no guarantees anymore so I personally err on the side of caution, especially when it comes to privacy, and these days we all are “all over the place” technically speaking, so the responsibility does rest on tech giants, who are out to make $$ (thank you lovemesomejoolery) as well as our own common sense - IMHO, a “fad” is something to be avoided, especially in the tech world, and in SK’s case, in the beauty, hair and fashion world!!! KNOThead! 👱‍♀️😆 Yikes.... Have a fantastic Friday! Thanks for the laughs and ❤️! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  5. Ham on Wry, This is exactly what I thought too! Thank you for commenting on this...I noticed one minion/worshipper on SK’s IG say that it was a Russian app and she deleted it, well, honey, too late, deleting it doesn’t protect you because you “allowed” it and now the damage is done....like I said, SK will do anything that the “cool kids” are doing regardless of what the consequences are...stoopid. 🙄🤦‍♀️
  6. Hi all, Her IG today contains 3 photos of her using this new fad “Face App” that apparently ages your looks in different ways.....not attractive and VERY DANGEROUS! This was all over the news last night telling people NOT to plug into this because once you do you have just released/compromised all of your photos, and pertinent info to the Russian hacksters that have developed it - AND once you are in it, you can’t get out, even if you delete the app. Please look into this for yourself. YIKES! They were saying that all of the celebs are doing this, and my 2 local news anchors admitted that they also fell prey to it and they are concerned that photos of their kids and other things are now out there and in dangerous hands..... I’m not tech savvy and never heard of this until last night- didn’t do it, won’t do it, but it seems that this was a huge scam and now countless folks are compromised, including hipster SK, who, as we know will do anything that’s trendy and that her celeb “BFF’s” are doing. 🤦‍♀️ This has been a Public Service Announcement. Have a safe day! Thanks also for the ❤️ & laughs. ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  7. This dress is not a good choice and does not make for a good silhouette, too snug in the wrong places from what I can see here...I agree re: the booties, so last year...🤦‍♀️
  8. Is this the photo of her & (?) in her messy kitchen getting her nails done by a technician that does house calls at the kitchen table yesterday? (“Monday Manicures”). She definitely looks like she was ridden hard and put away wet...🐴🤠 🚫🚿
  9. Is AN wearing the TSV or is that her real hair? I don’t recall her being blonde, Erin is cute & from what I saw of her in the past, also very level headed and poised...🙂
  10. Lady J, Yes, yes, yes, yes and why an ill-fitting all black ensemble??? Was there at “story” behind this choice? Also the pigeon-toed stance....Booney’s great screen shots really show how terribly damaged her hair is. 👱‍♀️ Have a terrific Tuesday! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  11. Isn’t Lisa Rinna 👄 one of her “besties” / “role models”?? SK’s wants to be her too, along with B. Shields, C.Z. Jones, Jiggly Jill and every other Hollywood-ite who needs to jack up their sagging careers....JMO - no disrespect to BS, or CZJ...
  12. Hi all, The FB this morning has a clip from last year when a friend and her son visited from Greece - all of this to promote the 🎄shows, and she’s wearing a PRINCETON shirt - remember in a FB post not too long ago where she said she didn’t go to PRINCETON, (or some other school’s name that was on the ratty sweatshirt she was wearing) but it’s ok to wear shirts from prestige colleges and tell (LIE) to others that you went there?! 🤦‍♀️ Happy Christmas everyone! 🎅🤶🎁 Thanks for the great laughs and ❤️! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  13. Curious as to how the men , other co-workers and TPTB feel about her using the men’s room and then proclaiming this LIVE on air? May I please.....Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot??? Seriously, do the other hosts think this 💩 is cute? Maybe JRT does because she’s an attention hound too...and SK’s “twinn” ...yikes. Anything, anywhere for attention...😟🤦‍♀️ Sadder than sad.
  14. Good Morning, I noticed this video on her FB and when I saw that it was 14 minutes long, I said no thank ya’ very much. Great insights everyone. The second shot here, shows how badly damaged, over-processed and lifeless her hair is - there’s no shine there and I’m guessing it’s very fragile, she has the backstage stylists do too much with it IMHO, and because she doesn’t wash it or shower regularly, it looks ragged - but that’s SK, always going for the “big, quirky, look-at-me look” - she so desperately needs that to survive....Why doesn’t her buddy “Calista Tools” tell her to take better care of her hair? 💰maybe??? Have a Fantastic Friday all! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  15. 🤦‍♀️ Pul-leeze.......