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  1. According to what I’ve read from all of you and from her IG, all she “eats” now are those “green mixes” that the blonde woman hawks.....I believe it was AN who said in one of their “bestie FB videos” that she drinks 5-7 of those a day to “stay so skinny”.....SK, by her own admission doesn’t cook and hates all things vegetable. She isn’t exactly the most motivated person to take care of herself , ex. - not showering daily and having her husband urge her to do so more frequently & swilling🍷 & 🥃 at the speed of light - so I can’t imagine that she is taking good care of her physical/internal health either - she will develop problems over time and soon, believe it.....
  2. I remember reading on her IG or FB quite a while back that her dad was/is a lawyer for GM in Detroit - when she was newer to QVC, she ALWAYS mentioned that she “grew up” in Mexico, (in reality, I believe she also mentioned they were there for 3-4 years and I believe she was a “tweener” when they lived there), that was at the same time she always mentioned her “bad feet” and the fact that she lives in sneakers, yoga pants and sweatshirts and that her mom loved the Norma Kamali fashions.....she is a phony from the word GO, as we all know.....Just go back on her FB & IG and it should all be there unless FB & IG remove postings after a certain time - I don’t know if they do, because I’m not on either....
  3. Correct, she rarely does ANY jewelry shows anymore, she used to feature her own “Hear My Soul Speak” ring and necklace (I think there may have been a bracelet too? Feel free anyone to correct me here...) and she used to wear LOADS of bracelets on one wrist, Judith Ripka, religious bracelets, and several others, but stopped before they grew their family a few years ago. And since then she almost NEVER does jewelry - says she’s not “into fine jewelry”....she was never into earrings either until Jiggly Jill from GILI told her to grow out her hair and start wearing “dramatic earrings”...... The edit is the little pencil icon...
  4. Thank you, leave it to SK to go “all real and in your face” with a toothbrush ON AIR.....🤦‍♀️ I sure hope QVC doesn’t put that toothbrush for sale on the “AS IS” list....ick🤢
  5. Coffeecup & Watcher25, well said, you both nailed it.....
  6. May I ask, what was she shilling that required such abhorrent behavior? I hope it was a toothbrush......I’ve seen many hosts sell “Waterpik”, “Sonic Care”, & travel toothbrushes in the past, & never once did they demonstrate.....😬
  7. Isn’t it!!!!!????? Taffy Apple - this requires more than a ❤️ or a 😄!!!! Your post is brilliant!!! LOVE bullet points 2, 3, & 4 especially!!!!! 👍
  8. Thank you.....boy, I’m learning a lot this morning from all of you!! 💡
  9. SK doesn’t do jewelry shows that often because she has told OAPs that she isn’t into “fine jewelry”. < there’s her marketing ploy that many of you so brilliantly identified.... She prefers the over-priced, quirky, out of fashion silly earrings that Jiggly Jill encouraged her to wear a year or so ago and she’s stuck on that. I saw her do a Jai by John Hardy earlier this year and that’s when I heard her say she “doesn't do fine jewelry”. That comment from JRT is a prime example of why she thinks /maintains that she is “The Queen of the Q” as I posted earlier - because she’s been there for a while (an original but left and they let her return, why? - rhetorical question) she is firmly ensconced in her belief that she is practically a founder of the television retail phenomenon.....🤦‍♀️
  10. Thank you DAVIDSAPRONSTRINGS! Great explanation for a novice like myself....great point about SK starting off strong, but longevity depending on the content - I can’t see it happening - she’s self-admittedly lax on the weekly “dare to share” IG & FB videos, and if she’s going to play “The Something Game” every time, I can see the freshness of this venture hitting it’s expiration date very quickly. Re: what “celebrities” she’s going to rope into “45 minutes of their lives they’ll never get back” - who will actually do this other than JRT or AN? ***** Does she need a license from the FCC to do a podcast? PS - she put up a portion of yesterday’s video on her IG - I read a few of the responses from her minions/worshippers and they are SAD. All these ladies with their emotional issues and how they turn to SK for inspiration......oh my...... Thanks again to all! Have a wonderful weekend! ☮️❤️ Cowabunga
  11. Thank you, LeeDenny, I agree, she’ll do this like she does her videos - hopefully the “celebrities” she’s saying she’ll be podcasting with won’t mind her messy house or sloppy bathroom......do you think she’ll get paid for this endeavor - I can’t see her doing anything for free that would benefit anyone other than herself.....
  12. I have a few questions please: In tonight’s FB video, SK is stealing Courtney C.’s (Ick) thunder/idea now by talking about launching her own podcast - I’m not familiar with podcasts - sooooo: 1. Who pays for the actual podcast? 2. Do people sign up to listen through a streaming service? Do they pay for the streaming service? 3. Do the listeners directly pay the podcaster or does the streaming service? 4. Is this a money making scheme on SK’s part - like her new IG account #shawnsaysgo that she is not supposed to connect to the QVC accounts, and if so, isn’t advertising the podcast on their QVC FB page inappropriate and/or unethical? 5. Do folks who podcast make a lucrative living, and how do people find out about them? Thanks to anyone/everyone who can assist me here - this whole thing with SK seems very👃🐠🐡 🐟🤥....
  13. This is so dishonest....is this technique in some marketing textbook, or was she coached by QVC, how do they come up with this stuff? It’s almost diabolical....With SK it’s completely passive/aggressive in a marketing sense, but it’s all lying to the public, and being openly disrespectful to the product.....I’m speechless....🤦‍♀️
  14. Or maybe she doesn’t know what a handkerchief is or how to use it, or she doesn’t have tissues in her messy bathroom.....it was very unflattering & juvenile, what ever the reason....👃🤧
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