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  1. Robin99

    S07.E22: Leaving Storybrooke

    So I’m way late to the party, but I just found this forum and thought I’d share my comments on the finale. First, Once was my favorite show for 6 years. Then season 7 happened. I tried to watch, but it was so, so bad. The writing was terrible and the acting even worse. Jacinda and Alice actresses were about the worst in the whole series. I could barely watch their scenes without rolling my eyes. I quit a few episodes in. I came back for the finale because I heard the Charmings and Emma were coming back. What a disappointmen! They were barely in it. And why did they waste so much screentime on the fake characters from the Wish Realm? I didn’t care about Wish Hook, Wish Henry, or Wish Rumple. Mostly, I just wanted all the Wish Realm people to die or disappear or something, especially Wish Hook, who I hated from the moment he tried to kill my precious Killian and steal Emma. Really, that guy should have died with Wish Rumple. And what sense did it make for Rumple to die for a fake version of Hook who wasn’t even real? It was dumb. Why didn’t they leave Wish Hook in Seattle and have Rumple sacrifice himself for the real Hook that he actually had a story with for hundreds of years? Why were the real cast sidelined so much? Why weren’t Emma and the real Hook part of the mission to save Henry? And why the heck did they bring the fake Henry back with them? Are there now two Henrys and two Hooks running around? Stupid. They should’ve killed off the wish versions or left them in the Wish Realm or faded them to dust like Wish Rumple. Regina as the “good queen” made me laugh. I expected nothing less from these writers. They really started to worship her about midway through the series, forgetting that she murdered 1000s of innocent people. And how the heck are these merged realms supposed to work? Not to mention the timeline is totally screwed. Are people from the future now living alongside their past selves (and the fake versions of from the Wish Realm)? Really? And it gave me the heebie jeebies that Wish Hook was at the coronation where Emma was after he basically planned to rape her. Really yucky. It was cute seeing Emma and Hook with their baby, but we should’ve seen a lot more of them and a lot less of the crazy Wish Realm and fake wish characters. Truly a waste of an hour. I should have just watched the Rumple and Belle reunion and the Emma, Hook and baby scene and called it done. No wonder it was cancelled.