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  1. Agree, just posted on another thread, the fashion prices are totally out of line with what I can get at TJ Maxx and other local brick and mortar stores.
  2. CCB does have some nice things, but like so much fashion on the Q, I find the prices ridiculous. Then add in shipping and handling and it's beyond insane. I'll keep my hard earned dollars for things reasonably priced.
  3. It's Sunday, I can't post what I wrote. I feel evil.
  4. Ewwww, smelling the hair brush....... noooooooooooooo
  5. I also, CANNOT watch her. It's not possible. I last ten to twenty seconds.
  6. wow. racist much? white oprah? disgusting.
  7. This is the MOST hilarious thing I've seen in a LONGGGGG TIME. "See my face freak" LMAO!!!! Thank you for that! Now, Shawny needs to get started on the new ring for this new quote LOL
  8. The sharpie marker eyebrows on her are extremely bad. But let's face it, what ISN'T bad on her?
  9. Her teeth! TOOOOOO WHITE and only the front bottom ones are done. Ick.
  10. what a terribly rough life she leads. I get two weeks off per year and 32 hours of personal time. This includes sick time. We get three whole days for bereavement leave. I am sick seeing her act like she's having "well deserved" time off. Disgusting.
  11. YES Shawn, we all buy eight hundred dollar sneakers. NOT. Seriously, how in the world does she get away with saying this kind of crap. Way to alienate almost your entire audience. In the middle of a pandemic. Highest unemployment numbers ever. She seriously could not stop herself from saying that? "look at how rich I am?"
  12. watching Josie slather on argan buttah. I swear she is in a yacht. Should I give her mo money? I think not.
  13. What an evil beotch. She knows very well the blonde highlights do NOT slay on CK. I hope CK knows it too.
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