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  1. Ginger Puss Cearley is so bad it's humorous. Her face is buried in the freakin' card as she recites a script. Don't they even have professional teleprompters in that place? The worst newsanchors on the planet rely upon them.
  2. The spell check program sold out during its first airing. It was the only order of the season. There may be more coming next year, depending upon conditions in uncertain times with our manufacturing partners.
  3. I think Amy was selling Logo Lori's matching headband and mask set, perfect for gifting.
  4. Believe it or not, a few years ago an employee at my company sued for wrongful dismissal after he was let go due to performance issues. As a securities salesperson, he contended that his alcohol issues were in large part the company's fault. He had a generous expense account and he believed excessive drinking with clients was encouraged and fully condoned, given every bar and dinner tab was covered. I thought it was an interesting slant, legally, and he probably made out with the out of court settlement.
  5. She looks sooooo Norma Desmondish in that shot, what with the turban and leopard and all. (And Gloria Swanson was only about 50 while filming Sunset Boulevard. )
  6. I've read that Leah and Jayne Brown are going to have a show after the New Year. Maybe that means this nonsense is over and is just for holiday gift shows.
  7. A trip to the salon sure didn't do much to trim back Caro's prickly, pointy, barbed personality.
  8. The behavior could get worse and worse. They've been put on notice that the boss is leaving, probably sooner than later. If they don't get along with the likely successor, Ms. Leslie Ferraro, they must be in panic mode. Could make for great TV for awhile!
  9. Makes me recall when Joy Mangano's daughters were being pushed as HSN stylists to the stars when Iman was on.... You could tell Iman could barely control her contempt.
  10. And here is Guy Yovan's squirrel mascot on HSN! What the hell is going on???
  11. Isaac and Jen are doing some special online interview about his cabaret act. This one must be fuming and ticked off it's not her! I'm sure there will be some snide nasty comments about it.
  12. Jane has crossed so far over into pathetic territory that it's well past the point of no return....the failed dreams of being a dancer and living through others who appear to be no more successful....
  13. My local news stations have been running stories daily for weeks about the toilet paper and paper towels, which begs the question, which came first? A real shortage or the one brought about by the news shouting that there will be shortages.
  14. I'm perplexed as to what audience Ginger is meant to appeal to. She's not young and hip. She's not glamorous and certainly not a fashionista. No downhome appeal to the elders. No cooking skills that I can see. Bartending and mixology seem to be her forte. All the out of work bartenders watching? It's a puzzle.
  15. A new book series: "ALL ABOARD! God is My Vision Co-pilot!"
  16. The guy she was said to be "connected " with was Jack Comstock, VP of Talent (I know, I know!!!) He retired nearly 2 years ago and was a Mike G flunkie...so with them both gone....???
  17. Seriously, if you are going to do a vision board, why not do one like a grownass woman and not a 13 year old adolescent? Oh, yeah.....it's her.
  18. Interesting that they had Katrina, at home, drop into Pat's show to chat with Dennis.....trying out for the noon slot? (And this Host at Home thing is completely pointless, no matter how hard they try to spin it.)
  19. Evening News: "Cheryl's Cookies in LocknLock Container Provoke Neighborhood Shootout!" Details at 6!
  20. I hate that spiel they have now about leaving a package or gift on the neighbor's doorstep, ring the bell and run away so it will be safe and totally contactless. Diva loves this one, but I find it a bit over the top.
  21. Brace yourself! FRIENDSGIVING WITH JANE & ALBERTI 10-12 tonight!
  22. Dan&Nancy didn't make today's theme of Friendsgiving up themselves. It's an all day event.
  23. What a household. Her best day would be to recline in front of the fireplace, her with the vodka & soda and him with a Manhattan. Hope they can put the fire out before both totally pass out.
  24. Courtney's fawning lap dog behavior towards Shawn is really unattractive. I don't remember Amy behaving that way and her career doesn't seem to have been hurt.
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