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  1. ehhh, i lost a lot of crates and waited alot of time for "middlemans" but i found 100% safe way to buy in the rocket league. Someone of you knows Odealo? The "secret" is that the seller gets the money only when the buyer confirms the delivery: O It's simple and effective https://odealo.com/games/rocket-league
  2. The Rocket League is one of the better PS4 games, if not the best. A big plus for the Rocket League is the system of cooperation on a split screen. This is one of the many PS4 games where the split screen was left at all, for Uncharted 4, unlike Uncharted 3, did not already have a split screen. The next plus of the Rocket League are Crates, Crate is a surprise box, there are skins, nitro and so on. You can buy it, but the creators came to this honestly. These are only cosmetic items, they do not affect gameplay. It's nice when micro transactions and buying crates do not affect the game
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