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  1. I've read the NYmag article and beside the bizarre inappropriate relationship with Trump, they do seem to be dare I say somewhat sweet. I figure if you're not sick of a person after spending 24/7 with them for 10 years, that's gotta count for something I must be insane but they seem to like each other a lot. Still dislike the on air sycophantic attraction to power displayed by them over the years.
  2. How is that even remotely in the same vicinity ? He is the PRESIDENT having secret talks with the president of the country that disrupted our elections last year, the country that his campaign is suspected to have colluded with. Joe S. and Mika are hosts of a morning show and don't own anyone accountability as to where they are. In no way or shape or form are these two instances even remotely similar.
  3. Am I the only one thinking that Mika and Joe are on vacation and are just pretending to be at different places ?
  4. Well tomorrow might be an interesting show... Collusion is in the air, that's for sure.
  5. Maybe for the sake of appearances ? Pretend they are there to talk politics when in reality it's to promote the album ? It's horrifically disturbing and laughingly embarrassing at the same time.
  6. He is so pathological in the way he is insulting women. They are always bimbos, ugly and bleeding. If there ever was someone in need of a pricey psychoanalyst.... Just take the Monrining Joe example Psycho Joe <->low I.Q. Mika, facelift Mika, bleeding Crazy Joe <-> dumb as rocks Mika Low rated Joe <-> neurotic, not very bright Mika in 2016 Trump is truly a disturbed, thin skinned misogynist PS. David Frum had the best reaction to this new tweet https://twitter.com/davidfrum/status/881147127509811200
  7. Oh believe me I get that part, the Morning Joe crew represent the worse thing about journalism and media, cozying up to power for access and favors even when you know the thing you are cozying up to is morally and ethically bankrupt. They represent and cheerlead a symbiotic relationship of power and media where there should be none. But nevertheless, they are the Morning Joe stooges and he is the president of the United States and he is acting like he is one of the Fox News stooges instead of a man elected to the highest office in this country.
  8. Yeah I'm not into victim blaming, no matter who this president attacks or why, even the Morning Joe stooges. Or somehow equalizing what TV personalities say or do and what the President of the United states says or does or should say giving his position and dignity of his office. The recaps are funny though Anyway, Trump is at it again. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/881140479454310401 and also commenting on the Van Susteren firing https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/881135264441257984 and complaining he's not getting all the date for his future voter sup
  9. Yeah I had that thought as well. He especially needs to go into hiding. This is all going to get much uglier from now on.
  10. Precisely. All the gossip stuff is irrelevant. The affair is not the important part here, but the possible blackmail attempt. Btw, Trump has much bigger problems now. Just read this piece ! I keep rereading it.... https://twitter.com/lawfareblog/status/880981860830072832
  11. if this was the truth, it does make absolutely no sense of either of the hosts to reveal this today in their Washington post article. They would have stayed quiet about it like about all their other shady dealings behind close doors to get excess or favors. Look at how pissed they were then their Maro Lago trip was made public in January.
  12. This sounds like straight up like NE reporting to me. Just because someone wrote this article back then, does not prove anything. How often was Jennifer Anniston proclaimed pregnant according to sources close to her ? Just for the sake of it, lets say it is true after all. I genuinely fail to see how this is relevant to what is going on. Or are you saying that you believe Trumps version of it ? Engaged J&M want to make some article disappear even after everything that could be possibly be written about their relationship was already written in the tabloids. Trump refuses. Then s
  13. Its a bit more than that, they said this was done to make them apologize to Trump for their coverage. Using a business connection to squeeze people in the media whose job it is to report on you and comment on your performance as president by a president is not just being an asshole.
  14. Would MSNBC have this person come on and let them say this if there was nothing there ?If there are no texts or the texts are harmless/ disproving Joe S.'s claim, why not do the opposite, try to make this go away ? The weird part is MSNBS has said they does not plan to release the texts like 4 hours ago. This is my spec but I suspect it's a mix of those texts making Joe S. look pretty chummy/sycophantic with the WH still despite the threats thing ( way more than he lets on: keyword lack of journalistic integrity) and this obviously being evidence for a possible investigation.
  15. What makes me doubt the WH version (besides the texts) is the fact that this was after the engagement. At that point NE and all the other gossip tabloids have written about the supposed affair ad nauseam for years I remember several pieces in 2016/2017 who implied she had cheated or both have, they were already out in the public as a couple officially. What did they have to fear ?
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