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  1. I also think that us fans need to quit hyping up relationships before people get to paradise, because I am yet to see one to fruition. I also think they have the ability to ruin others chances at forming relationships. For instance this year we had Blake and Hannah g hyped up long before paradise. This led to Blake going to Alabama against her wishes to tell her about stagecoach. Which I assume is because he was going to pursue her. I believe that this then put Dylan at a disadvantage because Blake had formed a relationship with Hannah g while Dylan was filming the bachelorette.Which I be
  2. I think that they need to bring back people from older seasons not just the past two or three. I say this because it will stop things like stagecoach happening. Where people meet up before hand and plan paradise couplings. I also think that they need to stop bringing in people before the last few rose ceremonies and focus on couples, because it is evident that they are less likely to find relationships They also need to put a cap on the amount of times one can go to paradise. So that we have less people who go for screen time
  3. This could be a good idea,because I feel like some people(Kamil) have definitely used other people to stay on longer even if there was no chemistry.
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