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  1. maxmac97

    Long Island Medium

    http://yournewswire.com/us-tvs-long-island-medium-investigated-for-fraud/ "Teresa Caputo, who is the star of one of America’s most popular cable television shows, “Long Island Medium”, is under investigation for fraud, according to reports. The show, which focuses around self-proclaimed psychic medium Teresa Caputo and her work as a medium alongside storylines involving her husband and two grown children. Reports claim that many are unsatisfied with her readings and are alleging she has lots of people and sources helping her make her readings seem real. Caputo has been plagued by these accusations for years, the US based newspaper “The Christian Post” reported on it last year"
  2. maxmac97

    Long Island Medium

    Wasn't she also being investigated a few years ago by the government because she did a show and got all the readings wrong ?
  3. maxmac97

    Long Island Medium

    if Theresa Caputo is real then she can contact Houdini like his wife tried to do all those years. you asked why do i care. well i care because if she is fake she should not be pretending to be a medium just to make money.
  4. maxmac97

    Long Island Medium

    Didn't Harry Houdini prove people like Theresa Caputo were fake. It amazes me that people still believe mediums are real.