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  1. I liked Dante's reaction to Sonny's return, just because they are and will always be on opposite sides of the law, and it just seems to always work between those two. That being said, Kristina knocked it out of the park with her emotional outburst, because it was how someone would really react in a situation like that.....kudos to her! Phyllis just needs to shut her pie hole on the Nixon Falls fiasco. She didn't even raise a finger to encourage Mike to find out his true identity. All she did was try to get him and Nina together, come hell or high water!
  2. Even though I like Peter and would like to see him stick around, they would have hit a homerun with the viewing audience, if as soon as Valentine showed up on the scene, he would of put a bullet in Peter's brain pan.......end of story!!! Michael and Willow.......zzzzzzzz In contrast to the slow pacing of the Nixon Falls storyline, they couldn't blow up Carly and Jason's marriage fast enough! Good riddance is what I say, because they should not have had them kiss in the first place, let alone have them sleep with each other.
  3. I am one of the few people here who like the Peter character. Have to admit today was such a guilty pleasure for me watching him in action. Taking Nina's head off in front of Phyllis today had me clapping in my chair. Finally someone mentioned the name "Sonny Corinthos" in front of a Nixon Falls resident! My eyes rolled once again seeing Nina trying to justify her actions in front of Phyllis. At the end of the day, it will be interesting to see how the show will try to salvage the Nina Reeves character, as her name will be mud in Port Charles. Can't see anyone showing sympathy toward
  4. Phyllis comes off very petty in this Nixon Falls story line. Her character has been portrayed as someone who is very sensible and compassionate. The compassion is there, but the sensibility has gone out the window. She should have been the first person to urge SMike to do everything possible to find out about his past. Sorry, but I'm ready for this Nixon Falls garbage to come to a quick end. Again today, Nina did a lot of talking, but said nothing that made any moral sense. It's a miracle that Jax hasn't called for the local loony bin to put Nina in a straight jacket.
  5. Tamara Braun's performance as Kim Nero was just brutal for me. You can talk about how the writing of the character left a lot to be desired, but from her constant coffee cup holding and slipping her hands in her back pockets during every episode, made me want to reach through the TV and smack her upside the head. You can criticize the Carly character all you want, but Laura Wright is a hell of an actress and in my opinion runs circles around TB. Just my opinion of course, but I think you would be hard pressed to find three better performers on this show that outclass her acting abiliti
  6. Jax knocked it out of the park again today. I think the most poignant thing he brought up is the horrible chain of events that have played out in Port Charles since Sonny's supposed death, which could have been prevented if Nina told the truth from the get go. My big question is when the dust settles, outside of being ostracized, does Nina face any legal ramifications for her lies? The show was doing a good job keeping Carly and Jason in the friend zone and completely threw it out the window today with that kiss. They shouldn't have gone there. Does it really matter if Jax, Nina
  7. I've never seen a show with so many vapid individuals, that issue insincere apologies, like a cop issues traffic tickets. This show doesn't need to come back in my opinion. Does anyone even know what the ratings are for this season and how it compares to the previous ones? The two smartest guys on this show is Tommy, who wants nothing to do with these degenerates and Shervin who took a big step back from his involvement.
  8. Jax's reaction to seeing Sonny was well executed. He conveyed a "crap I knew it was going to be him" type of expression. Nina doesn't have a leg to stand on. Jax should issue an ultimatum, either you tell him or I will. Nina needs to catch hell from both Sonny and Phyllis for keeping this secret, otherwise you are really insulting everyone's intelligence, and that's saying something when it comes to GH most of the time. Can someone jog my memory, when Mike first showed up at Nixon falls, did he not have possession of his wedding ring? If that's the case, it blows this story line
  9. I will give the writers credit, I didn't see Peter being the one to find out Nina's secret first. I was convinced they would have gone the lazy route and had it be either Ava or Valentine. Being in the minority here as a Peter fan, I laughed my ass of when he went all Humphrey Bogart on Nina with the "Of All The Gin Joints In All The Towns In All The World" line. Sorry, but I do not feel sorry for her in any way and anything short of her getting physically hurt or killed, she deserves everything she gets in the eventual fallout. A big middle finger to the show trying to cast a good
  10. Beautiful camera work on the final scene with Jason outside of Britt's door, with the vantage point circling out of the office. Has anyone else had it with Kelly Monaco? With the combination of her looking like she's been shot by a tranquilizer gun and her just mailing it in every time she's on camera..............seriously, they can get rid of that character tomorrow and I wouldn't give two shits! Just because she's been on the show forever, doesn't mean she should be untouchable.
  11. Wow....it wouldn't be a true episode if Reza wasn't blubbering (crying) again about something self serving. It's impossible to find anything redeemable about any of these people. What a blight these assholes are on the Persian community. If I were Persian and lived in LA, I couldn't stick my head in the sand, like some damn ostrich, quick enough!!!
  12. Kudos to the writers for this episode. Maxie's dialogue was absolutely spot on. The way she suckered Peter in to letting his guard down, before giving him the dagger in the back, was nothing sort of genius! I also give the show credit for bringing down Cyrus and Peter down simultaneously. They could have gone the laborious route and spaced things out, but its only fitting, since these two are tied to one another. Though I see Wes Ramsey sticking around longer, since he will probably be in some coma after his fall. I'm in the minority here, but I like both the Cyrus and Peter char
  13. By all means, please enlighten me. I can't wait to hear YOUR laundry list.
  14. Again, that's the problem, their lack of chemistry doesn't leave them any choice but to talk about Wiley and constantly complement each other on what great parents they are. When Willow was with Chase there was at least a spark and a flirtatious, teenage like innocence about them, that at least made them endearing. You are hard pressed to find worse pairing on this show then Michael and Willow.
  15. Can we replace all Nixon Falls scenes with any combination of Britt, Scottie and Liesl? At least we get a good laugh every time we see them on screen. Glad Ava roped in Laura to attend the family dinner. It always seems like Laura wants things to get done without getting her mayoral hands dirty. Screw that!!! I find it silly how they are stringing out Cam's animosity towards Jason, for supposedly offing Franco. They have had a million opportunities for either Liz or Scottie to say to him, "hey kid, I think you've got the wrong guy.....Heinrich did it!" Do the writer's not se
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