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  1. You guys! After James received his first set of scores and Tom hinted about James having a rough week, my first thought went to the pregnancy. (Unfortunately I have a history with miscarriages, so that’s where my mind goes.) I also noticed his wife not in the audience, so I went to her Instagram. She had a video posted and the text that went along with it was like a farewell speech to the show. She thanked Emma and she talked about the celebs’ family and friends bonding. She told Ally that Ally’s parents were “her kind of people”. Anyhoo, the post was timed around 1pm PT. It sure sounded final. I was like “Dang. James is leaving tonight.” Sure enough... The weird thing is that I went back to the post after the show and all that I read was GONE! Now, excuse me while I get my tinfoil hat adjusted to size. 😀
  2. Holy smokes. I would rather have Ryan as champion for a million straight days than one more day of Michelle and her voice. I kept thinking of the character “Pat” on Saturday Night Live every time she spoke.
  3. I cannot believe they are STILL trying to make Kacy happen. If she shows up at the other city courses this season to "support her friends" and the cameras keep following her, I might be done with the show. Yes. My Kacy annoyance runs that deep.
  4. I like to think that Johnny and Emma were eliminated first because they incorporated a whistle into their routine. I used to be around baseball teams a lot as an athletic trainer and then as a statistician. I never saw a coach use a whistle. I associate whistles with sports like football and basketball, so I was taken right out of the routine from the start. So weird and so random--you never know what sticks with you or turns you with these dance numbers! Seriously though, I think the right two couples went home. Kareem is not going to leave early even though he probably should. He is getting "legend votes", so he might even stick around until week 3 with the college basketball player and maybe Jennie or Tonya going before him. Make room for me on the "I hate the 4-week show" train. I think I would have been okay with 6 weeks, but four is just plain weird and useless.
  5. Cool for Buckeye shout-outs! I grew up in Ohio and went to college about 25 minutes from Kitty Hawk--err, I mean Dayton. A serious WTH Jeopardy moment indeed...
  6. I thought that Denver kitchen was horrible as well. The white upper cabinets looked cheap, especially where they stashed the microwave. They said the original galley kitchen “didn’t work for them” in terms of functionality, so they just make a wider galley kitchen?? And (shallow alert!) if you were going to be on an episode of House Hunters, would one of your outfits be a tank top where your boobs are hanging out??? I didn’t care for the wife’s “look at me” display. I did think the work in the bathroom was great, so that’s something.
  7. Buffalo to Ft. Worth She talked about prom pictures for their future kids quite often. I hope she still loves her children if...you know...they never go to prom/school dances. It can happen and I am afraid she will lose her damn mind if it does!
  8. Really, Tyler? You are too young to know something that was before your time? Because people are incapable of knowing about things that pre-date them?! Lamest excuse ever. Douchenozzle.
  9. I thought board-hopping was my biggest annoyance, but I find myself being super frustrated with slowness and the inability to clear the board of clues. Between the clues being longer to read, the contestants feeling like they need to buzz in for everything and get it wrong, to just general TS, Jeopardy has been a tedious watch lately. I am hoping a few contestants can kick some tail next week to rid me of this feeling. I will even let them board-hop if they can get the spark going!
  10. Denver. My "favorite" part was when the couple was talking in the backyard about all of the money they were spending and the wife said something to the effect of "Let's not worry about the bathroom in the basement and instead focus on the BEER GARDEN". Because last I read it was kitchens and beer gardens that sell homes. Eeesh. Between that, her comment of "I hate pantries", her approval of brass pulls, and her vocal fry, she had to be one of the most annoying House Hunters Reno person I have seen in a while.
  11. There are days where I like Erin and there are days where I don’t. Today I LOVE her because she referenced The Cutting Edge, one of most under-appreciated cinematic works of the 90s!
  12. Maks could have nipped this attention in the bud. He could have come out with Vanessa and said "you have it all wrong", or he could have said "we are having issues but are working on it." With these vague social media posts and then going out after the show, it just keeps the attention on him and people talking. LOOKATMELOOKATME during a week of national mourning is beyond tacky. And if he is trying to distract people from what is going on then he is doing a horrible job. I am just annoyed and really want him to not be involved with the show, ever.
  13. Atlanta. The first rule of being cool is: you do NOT talk about being cool.
  14. I just kept thinking last night while watching the Tampa couple was, if they spent basically a million dollars on the house, and then 1.2 million in renovations, isn't there a 2 million dollar house somewhere in Tampa that would give them more privacy and intimate views of the water? I currently live on a pretty busy road, so I suppose I was biased in believing their money would be better spent on a house on a road with lighter or no traffic. Of course, then he might not have the additional money to buy that tub to lay in...
  15. I just had to laugh when they said Barclay "made history" by "being the shortest person to ever make it up the warped wall". It seems like everyone who makes it up --especially women--hold some kind superlative with the feat. I am surprised they didn't say something like "Barclay is the first person with two A's in their first name to make it up the warped wall!!" It feels like they ALL hold some kind of "record".
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