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  1. So true!! There's a big difference between asking a blunt question and trying to embarrass someone. Kelli would never try to embarrass anyone because then no one would want to audition.
  2. I'm really curious as to who said maybe to the vets Can't believe that Kinzie was the lowest scoring vet
  3. How/where are you seeing the score sheets?
  4. This is season 10 of this show. The girls know what they're getting into before prelims. It's also spelled out in the contract for CMT and training camp (if they make it this far). It's part of fitting the uniform. They dance in a tiny uniform, so yes, it has to be fit 100% correctly and fake/real boobs make a big difference. Is the foul language necessary?
  5. Any predictions on who the uniform looks bad on? I'm guessing Kashara. She looks chunkier than most. Taylor for sure.
  6. We've known that for almost a month now
  7. If anyone is to thin it's Erica http://instagram.com/p/2eMTUzofSd/ Or does she just appear extremely thin next to fat Breelan
  8. https://www.facebook.com/DallasCowboysCheerleaders/posts/10152961620631035:0 How is this "alarmingly thin"?
  9. Jacie is way to muscular. Almost manly. Ashley N is nowhere close to "alarmingly thin".
  10. Jasmine, Breelan, and Ashley's solos were TERRIBLE! Breelan's costume was atrocious. Ashley had gained weight and looked really soft.
  11. I'm anxious to see solos. Hopefully we see more dancing in episode 2 than we did in episode1
  12. http://m.cmt.com/videos/1228352/ Sneak peek for episode 2! **Not being rude** What does Vivian or her "I'm so poor" story have to do with season 10 of the first episode? The story of being poor was 2 seasons ago. That needs to go in former seasons so the current episode thread doesn't get clogged up with tangents from former seasons.
  13. Pastel = bland, blending, not bold or powerful
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