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  1. Let's see, Liam is the prize here? Steffy is so mad to be missing out on this guy? Liam, you might notice that Steffy has the makings of an abuse-ess, you liked that? There's more where that came from, if you fight for it. Give up that beautiful, calm girl, and you can be sweeping up broken crockery every Sunday, and have your tongue tied in knots. How will you explain those bruises on your face to the guys at work? Cock your head, roll your eyes, and say, "Well, ah..."
  2. Aren't designer and CEO both full-time jobs? I would think Ridge SHOULDN'T be CEO so he could continue to put out those fabulous gowns he designs. I would like to see Katie in there, holding on to both arms of her chair, daring anybody to take it away from her. Two secretaries and one bodyguard. (One of the secretaries could be a young male, why not?)
  3. "Plus Katie would be PIIIISSSEEEDDD so that's a bonus." Katie would be shooting tears out of her eyes like bullets, sharp teeth chewing the air. Everybody, including the dock-loading guy, would clear the area.
  4. There is something about the way John McCook uses his eyebrows that I love. Jacob Young has really been putting everything into his scenes--but not overdoing it. Really believable. Deacon needs a more flattering photo in that opening parade of the cast. He's good looking, folks. But you'd never know it. If beauty rules the world, Ivy will soon own it. Kind of strange, Eric talking about never getting over the pain of losing Brooke, when she's available now. TK Ridge getting blamed for everything RM Ridge did reminds me of the woman with multiple personalities--one personality would
  5. If Katie, by some swicheroo, became CEO of Forrester, it would produce plenty of drama. Katie would be over Ridge, and that contact would provide her with lots of opportunities to both flirt with him and punish him (for not being in love with her). She would take deep satisfaction being over everybody she's known all her life. She could keep an eye on Brooke, and interfere with any romantic connections Brooke seems to be making. Paris is still there, if needed. By the way, does anybody know where Thorne is?
  6. Brooke hasn't done any great thinking since she came back from Milan. She's either overly involved in her adult children's lives or not at all. And not at all in the life of her growing--I guess he's growing--boy away at boarding school, while she coddles her grown, sad sack son. She decides that she and ex-con Deacon are partners as parents to absent, grown Hope, who is moping somewhere in Europe. Five minutes without a boyfriend, and she has to take to drink. This is the person who should be in charge of FC? What do you say, Eric? Hmm, yeah, I see it.
  7. Eric does change his "mind." He didn't care that Rick was making the others unhappy, or that he fired a pistol at work until the Maya tabloid stories came out. Then it was no longer, "I'm proud of you, son," but "It's time for you to step down."
  8. Maya had a reason to be mean to Caroline, Caroline had been mean to her. And Caroline had Rick, the guy Maya wanted back. Maya has allowed the minor mistreatment of Ivy and Alli, but I think I heard her say, "Rick," like she was going to stop him, but then she said, "You are so bad." If more secure, like married, I think she would have gotten him to stop that nonsense. She understands what Rick needs and gives it to him. I have never warmed up to Steffy, although she seems to want people to like her, she seems to expect to be liked. Funniest scene with her was her in that wedding getu
  9. I realize that people have to have a strong motivation to go through surgery, hormone treatment, and other people's disapproval, so I should be strictly in the it's their business department, but from a personal, trivial, sitting-on-the-sidelines standpoint, and knowing that what I feel doesn't even matter, I wish they would go with what their DNA is, and dress and act as they please, but leave their body alone.
  10. And after you reveal that you have HIV, vaginal warts, genital harpies, AND other STD's, are you still going to have sex? And what about those genital harpies, are they really obnoxious? Sorry, Waldo, I couldn't resist. Typos are heck, aren't they?
  11. I don't know about Bill being such a bigot. He didn't make anything of Caroline having two mothers. Big Bear has been mentioned a lot, so I vote for the big revelation to happen there. Big Bear is often the scene of big, outlandish doings. If I were Maya, I don't believe I'd go there.
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