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  1. B-Side

    Wie Is De Mol?

    I've been thinking it's one of the M's as well, and I've had my eye on Martine/Margriet since the beginning of the three - Marlijn just seems like she's in it for the fun of it. At this point, I've written off Martine for the mol as well - she's clearly trying to seem Mol-ish, but can't decide on a consistent strategy to do so. There's been a few instances where she's tried to play the dumb blonde, but it's not consistent enough. With her actions this episode, I'm definitely leaning more to Margriet as the mol - she argued for the E over a comma and a dash, which needed more cars AND made the final display for the helicopter appear more like a code than an amount. During the ropes on the beach challenge, she seemed to immediately pull one of the ropes that Art called while also yelling to check with the group.
  2. B-Side

    Wie Is De Mol?

    Yeah, both challenges in this episode lent themselves to chaos (finding 5 people in a packed train station, setting up the cameras with multiple teams trying to check in at once), so I'm also not as sure just yet who's the Mole. I've got a theory, but I want at least one more episode before I make any hard predictions. Did not expect who went home to go home (although the first test feels harder because you've only had 2 challenges to figure people out). VERY happy to have the show back - hooray for a quick subtitler!