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  1. Carrickfergus

    Season One Talk: Wolves and Cougars and Bears, Oh My!

    It appears none of these people are from the Pacific Northwest; even the Canadian is from the other coast. That makes it more difficult. They think they know what to expect but they don't really. The cougars are damned dangerous on the Island, and the fall is really wet, which is coming next. Telling them they could be out a year seems to have messed with their minds, though the producers can't have imagined that they would last that long. Watching them go bush happy is very unnerving, but not unexpected. It happens to lost people all the time.
  2. Carrickfergus

    S03.E01: Who's Feeling Sporty Now

    A tie between Sabrina and Sean for most annoying. The former is the type of person who talks big & folds immediately; the latter is playing heavily to the cameras.
  3. Carrickfergus

    S02.E10: Hot Poop

    Well, he's not wrong. M & N are worthy of respect, but whining about that is stupid.
  4. If I never see another contemporary routine, I'd be happy. They are so boring. Liked most of the ballroom, though some of it was underwhelming. I really like Zack, but why, why, why is modern tap so very heavy and unengaging? It's great in old movies, but I couldn't wait for routine that to end (esp. the long sections of Victoria tapping with her back to the audience.) The two ballerinas are for the chop, since they were treated as part of the troup instead of soloists, and thus looked exactly alike. The one on the left seemed to be throwing her leg in the twizzles (forgive me, I don't know what they are called). That may be correct, but it certainly looked awkward. The two men dancers (in hip-hop) got the only really distinctive routine of the night.