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Melissa - Intervention Canada Editing?

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In the episode “Melissa” aired on September 21st, 2017, did anyone catch the part where Andrew sits on the floor and begins with “I remember being in your spot....” and starts to cry? But right before that, he had followed her in to sit in the chairs. They’re both sitting on chairs, talking with Brax, then it cuts to that part where they’re on the floor and Andrew becomes emotional - no chairs in sight - then it cuts back to them being in chairs again right before Andrew convinces Melissa to come over to join her family. I know so much gets cut out with editing, but I cannot figure out when they would have had that moment. Because it’s definitely out of order. When Melissa first shows up to the intervention, she runs out. Andrew follows her. He brings her back. She goes over to the chairs in the corner by the tables and tells everyone she’s going to “start cooking it up.” Andrew grabs a chair and sits with her. Then he convinces her to promise him to “stay there” as he gets Brax. He comes back with Brax and they’re sitting in the chairs talking. And then it cuts to them sitting on the floor, emotionally. Then cuts to them back in the chairs and Andrew says, “it’s going to be alright.” And he and Melissa join the family on the other side of the room. I don’t want to cry “acting” because of course these are real families. And I absolutely love Andrew as one of the best Interventionists. I’d be so disappointed if the moment wasn’t “real.” 

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