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Just for fun: Let's create a spin-off

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Because the ending of Nashville coincidentally coincided with my completion of graduate school, I have found myself with nothing to obsess over. So, I was thinking about what the future of Nashville might look like. 

If there could be a new Nashville or a spin-off, which characters would you keep? Who would you lose? Anyone you'd bring back or add to the cast?

What storylines would you like to see?

Personally, I'd keep Deacon, Daphne and Maddie (in smaller doses), Avery and Juliette, Gunnar, and Will. Maybe Scarlett very occasionally, but limited to scenes with Deacon, or with Avery, Gunner and Will. I would bring back Kevin to be Will's partner. Avery and Juliette would have a baby boy. And of course Emily, Glenn, and Bo would be there. Teddy would be mentioned by the girls, but not a main character. Tandy would be back occasionally and helping with Hwy. 65 and in a relationship with Bucky. I always thought they hinted at those two anyway, and wished they'd followed through on it. While I didn't love the storyline, I guess it would only make sense to have Gideon around, but without all the angst. 

I would like to see Deacon with a love interest. I think he would be great with someone not in music, like when he was with Megan. But it would have to be someone strong, but not steamrolling like Rayna was, someone not intimidated by his history/feelings for Rayna, but still genuine and soft. Someone like Kaitlyn Black (AB on Hart of Dixie) comes to mind. I would want the show to focus more on music again, with Juliette and Avery performing both together and apart, like Tim and Faith. I'd like to see Gunner develop some rational thought and confidence and maybe find a love interest too, and I pick Emily for that. I think she and a more mature Gunner would work.  

I would also love the return of Juliette and Deacon's friendship. And maybe Maddie's too, because they never addressed that again after the S5 finale that I can recall. 

Anyone else want to brainstorm with  me? And particular guest stars you'd love to see?

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I actually kind of liked an idea Chip threw out once, that life just goes on and new people inhabit the Nashville world.  Kind of a nod to new blood as the old blood walks out of the Bluebird.  I would keep Deacon though, as the wise label head and sometime performer, who continues to dole out his Deacon Man Wisdom.  Maybe Daphne would stay around, because she's new to the label.  I'd really like to see fresh, new characters, those people Rayna wanted to nurture.  It would be a way for Deacon to carry on her legacy and keep her spirit alive but keep moving forward.

I'd like him to have a new love interest too.  Maybe someone in the music business, but not an artist.  A songwriter is who I imagine him with.  Someone who speaks his language, but doesn't have to be out front.  Someone a little closer to him in age.

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