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Using the Ignore Feature and Mod Rules

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Let's talk about the ignore feature!  If there are posts here (besides mine of course!) that you don't want to see please familiarize yourself with the ignore feature. Here's how it works! 


1. Go to the top right of your screen and click on down arrow near your Profile Pic
2. Click on "Ignore Users"
3. Type in the annoying person's (or persons) name(s)
4. Select some or all boxes relating to what content of theirs you wish to ignore
5. Click "Add User"
6. Return to the forum and have fun

Now, if someone else quotes the annoying person, you'll still see that. Also, you can't ignore the mods. And we can't ignore you. But otherwise, you should be good to go.

If you are wondering what my mod style is like (per our SITEWIDE policy) I'm ONLY modding posts that are: rude, calling out other posters, untagged spoilers, political talk, and racist/ misogynist/ sexist/ LGBT-phobic language. Obviously this is subject to flexibility and if you see something that you REALLY think needs reporting, please do so.

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