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A theory about Mr C's goal (as of episode 3x13)

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The symbol that looks like a black circle with small wings like on the Owl Cave Ring? It looks like a larger, rounder (possibly because it's pregnant?) version of the symbol on the Ring. This symbol represents The Experiment, ie. the thing that *birthed* BOB and other evils when the bomb was tested at White Sands in 1945. It is the mother of the Black Lodge beings. Doppelganger Coop thinks he has already dealt with the real Cooper so his machinations have nothing to do with the real Coop. 

I think Doppelganger Coop wants to overthrow The Experiment and become the new ruler of the evil "black lodge" dimension. 

This will all go down on the two days that were indicated in Major Briggs' clue (Oct 1st and 2nd I think?). Any thoughts? 


btw: I made this same thread on reddit although I prefer the discussion here. this is the link: 

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