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Friday's trend

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Hi! This is something I took from Tumblr so credits to the one that wrote this. Think the name of the account is letgoandstartyourfuture

Tomorrow Friday its the most important day for this fandom! We HAVE to trend that we want the show to get renewed for one more season. The ratings are bad , we lost half of our viewers compared to last season. Ironically we are closer to Karmy than ever . We cant let this happen guys ! I know the show is problematic and offensive sometimes and Liam is a complete idiot and boring but this is still our baby our little problematic toddler that likes to spill red wine glasses on white carpets but its our baby and we love it no matter what.

Please take part of the trend ! please be on twitter and help trending, rt tweets copy and paste if you are too lazy , spam twitter with Karmy pics but do soemthing!

THE TREND WILL BE: Faking It fans want S3B —– without hashtag

Do it for Katie , Rita , Michael , Bailey even Gregg.

Show MTV that we still care and need this show and would be more than sad to say goodbye to it

On 21st April MTV will decide and announce the future of Faking it at their Upfronts so cross fingers that day and do everything possible to make their decision difficult and with a positive outcome for us.

Im not ready to say goodbye ? Are you? …..THEN LETS SAVE IT TOGETHER

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