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Faking It Fan convention in Paris, France April 15-17, 2016

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I stumbled over a post Rita made last year about a fan convention that is right around the corner. https://www.facebook.com/ritavolkk/videos/737902513005981/?video_source=pages_finch_trailer

While it is surprisingly hard to find things about her because I believe she chooses to have a small online presence, this is a good thing for those of you in Europe who want to say how much we love her work, Amy, Faking it! or express concern that with the MTV upfronts coming up, Faking It! is the only show they haven't really announced about. WE do need 3b (or 5 if you count each 10 episodes as a season) to at least give Carter a chance to finish.

So if you are in or Near Paris,  here is the deets:


Now the bad news. Its expensive. I mean $170 to get in to 740 to get everything, is it worth it? I would spend it. This is coming for a guy would just watched his favorite college team lose in the final four in the city he calls home now. (fan fest and the free concerts were fun too.  If you went to the PitBull concert, you got into the I heart radio awards broadcast too)

 Hotel devile is the venue hotel.

Hope someone makes it.

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