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Mya Stone

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We realize Caitlyn Jenner is a polarizing celebrity. People certainly dislike her, and question her sincerity about being transgender, especially when she decides to use her old name in order to join a golf course.

However, we here at PTV have, as we've said SEVERAL times, decided to follow the GLAAD guidelines when referring to transgender people, including Caitlyn. This means that we may not use her old name, ever. It means referring to transgender people with the pronouns they wish. In Caitlyn's case, that is female pronouns. This is not up for debate.

Failure to follow this will result in the mods editing your posts or more punitive action being taken (warnings and suspensions). We have done everything we can to make this particular forum run as smoothly as possible without resorting to these measures. We have supplied a snark-free topic for Caitlyn supporters to post positive thoughts in. We have allowed the nay sayers ample space to doubt that Caitlyn is genuine. We realize that disliking Caitlyn does not equate to disliking the transgender population, however, adding to the "soup" here if you will is a level of vitriol that makes it hard to draw a line in the sand. If a poster says something you do not like or agree with, please make use of the ignore feature rather than arguing to convince each other why you're right and they're wrong. This is not the debate club. Make your point once - then MOVE ON. Failure to do so will result in further action being taken swiftly.

The forum is now unlocked. Failure to comply by these guidelines will result in mod action being taken. Thank you, and happy posting!

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