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John Young - Engineered to be lethal

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Just wanted to get this thread started, seeing as he is my favorite character on the show and pretty much the main reason I'm watching.

I hope others will join and discuss John Young ... his tragic past, his complicated relationship with Jedikiah, his heroics and leadership abilities. 

Since this is a new board on a new site, I'll wait to see if anybody joins and how the discussion goes. Well, I'll start with a question ... what do you think of John? 

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Agreed, he should have been the lead. But, oh well.

I keep trying to wrap my mind around how this show can be so bad, but this character so interesting. Must have something to do with the actor, but it can't just be that. The writers did give him the background and complicated relationship with Jedikiah, so there's that. 

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Was going to edit my post above, but didn't see that option. If there is one, please let me know. 

Sometimes I wish this show wasn't so dark, just so there could be some hope that John will have something good happen to him. I'd be more specific, but that would reference spoilers and wanted to keep those out of here for the time being. 

This last episode was just amazing. I was afraid they wouldn't continue with the after effects of Cassie dying, but they did. Too bad the rest of the episode undermined Cara in this scene. Although I did like John's "oh good ... a three way" that was funny. 

John and Jedikiah ... Wow ... what more is there to say about these two? They have such a deep, complicated father/son type relationship that just blows me away with each of their scenes. Before Monday's episode, I started to think they (the writers) can't keep this up, can they? At some point these scenes are going to fall flat or not pack that emotional punch, but these also had it. 

I'm hoping that whatever Jedikiah's plans are that they aren't so nefarious to ruin John. He's had enough of that. For example, I hope Jedikiah does really want to bring Roger back for a good purpose and that whatever else he may have up his sleeve (you know there has to be something else) that it doesn't hurt John any more than he already has. 

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JuneSEA, the edit option is available for 24 hours after the original post, which is why you cannot see it. Adding another post is fine, especially after that 24 hour window.

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