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What are you talking about, you ask? Well, I've noticed that media outlets like working the word "revenge" into new, stupid sounding fake words in regards to this show.  I wish I had started keeping track of this sooner!  So if you see anything particularly odd or funny, post it here.

The word: Revengenda

Seen where? Entertainment Weekly, 03/21/14, page 54 in the blurb "Death Would Become Them"

Usage: "Charlotte... and unfortunate end for her would mean fallout for most of the characters - and would also help reinvigorate Emily's revengenda."

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The word: Revengy

Heard where: ABC, around 10:00 PM on 01/12/14, in the 'next week on Revenge' post-show ad

Usage: sorry, don't remember exactly.  I know of this only because I had tweeted it to EHG a few months back. :)

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