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There were actually 20 episodes in season 2 but NBC only aired the first 14 on tv. They released the remaining 6 episodes online a few weeks ago. You can watch them on the NBC website.


I wasn't crazy about the twist in the last few minutes of episode 20. I wasn't surprised that they went there but I wish they hadn't.

I like Will and Fiona as platonic friends who drive each other crazy the way siblings do. I hate that tv and movies usually require the male/female leads to end up romantically involved. It is entirely possible for men and women to be JUST FRIENDS.


Oh, I didn't know there were more episodes that hadn't aired?!  I hope it's on demand.  I hate trying to watch episodes on network tv sites, they never work properly for me.


As for the spoiler (I clicked on it before watching the episodes because I have no will power)...at first I thought that was an angle that would have been interesting to explore down the line after a couple of seasons in, but my feelings quickly changed after the first couple of episodes of season 1.  As the show progressed I realized that they never had that kind of dynamic.  I don't even think the show really hinted at it themselves other than in a comical "never in a million years" kind of way with no underlying meaning to it. 


ETA: Just looked at NBC.com and the last episode available is 13. :(

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