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Have We Met Before? The Recycled Characters of Utopia


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I just started this because I don't want to hijack the other threads. But it had to be said---the "Utopians" were not chosen for suitability in starting a society; the producers picked archetypes that provide hooks for the show.

We see the same mix over and again from reality to drama to sit-com.


Personally, being a The Walking Dead fan, I'm getting an awful feeling of deja vu.


Was Dave really Shane? Tempermental would-be leader of a mutiny? Or was Josh--works hard, could lead except when he has some wine and jumps a woman against her wishes.

Red could be the lost, Dollar Store Dixon brother. Redneck who is adversarial to the group at first, but might redeem himself and be a huge asset. Knows recipes for squirrel.

Is Amanda the Lori: pregnant shit-stirrer who likes watching others work? But Bri is a contender; not pregnant (yet) but massive blamer, troublemaker, too busy getting laid to take care of responsibilities.

The preacher was Dale--giving talks about second chances and lofty ideals...and getting doomed for his troubles.


How would the other roles be filled? Or do you see a resemblance to the Utopians in the characters of another show?

Master Chef?  The Simpsons? Or a movie:  The Breakfast Club?


(this is just for sh*ts and giggles.)

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