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S04.E02: Survivors


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This episode worked really well on paper. On film, not so very much.


While the burnt bodies were interesting to look at, I can barely remember anything else that occured in this episode.


My that was a dreary Memorial Day (I think it was anyway). It looked they held it on a rainy Tuesday and just had random people sitting around on lawn chairs. None of them seemed too excited to be there.

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The thing I most remember about my first watch of this was having gone back and forth all week on whether I thought Wade was really Duke's brother or just a 'business associate' who'd swooped in and taken over Duke's territory. There could have been an interesting story there either way, I think, but they trod that ground already with Evi, and besides that what was I thinking when I thought they might make an arc not about family/bloodlines. The way Wade talks about how Simon treated them still intrigues me, and I hold to my theory that Simon was testing his kids to determine which one he was going to make his heir to the Crocker legacy. I am less certain that Duke's Trouble was actually active when he carried Nathan to the hospital, but that's still my headcanon until we're told otherwise. And I don't even care that in revisiting the sledding story they've jiggered up the timeline yet again, because I am more than open to being manipulated when it comes to those two.


Every second that William is on screen takes on new meaning in hidsight.

He's trying to get her to remember her name, and her life in Haven, and the person she loves, but it's not the name and life and beloved that the audience assumes she's looking for.

There are some nice acting choices he's making, even if I'm not sure if I might be reading too much into some of them. And even if Emily Rose can't really pull off the rest of the Lexie look, damn that woman is welcome to show off her upper arms on my screen any time.

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