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S03.E04: Over My Head


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Everything involving the Teagues and "Tommy" gets more interesting on rewatch, knowing now what gets revealed by the end of this season. And they've still not addressed where all of the Teagues' money came from, at least that I remember. I find myself suspecting that creating money is part of the family's Trouble. Of course, there's also the possibility that it's some kind of money laundering/communal ownership on the part of the Guard.


This one's another favorite of mine, and only partly for "Duke suffers" reasons. I really like the Trouble of the week; it's well-designed and it hangs together both before and after you know what's going on. It also dovetails nicely but quietly with the main arc: while Audrey is refusing to talk to her friends for fear of putting them in harm's way, another woman is killing people she cares about by trying to reach out to them for help. It's also an episode I like visually, and I particularly like the transition into the flashback when Claire hands Audrey the pendant. (About Claire herself, though, the less said the better. I had such high hopes for the character, and then she immediately became about as professional as a gossipy middle-schooler.)


Of course, this is also the episode that brings us Jordan. I will have a lot to say about this in later episodes, but for now all I'll say is that Kate Kelton is a striking woman and I do not mind having her on my screen.

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My long held theory is that Vince and or Dave are much older than they appear and have been around for a VERY long time hence the money.
Alternatively those two have done very questionable things, I wouldn't put blackmail past them


It was a good episode, have to agree about Claire, never really warmed up to her, didn't see the point of the character.

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I have suspected since the first season that Vince and Dave are immortal. Whether or not the flashback to them looking younger with Sarah contradicts that is still up in the air as far as I'm concerned.

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Wasn't this the one with the "I'm just Duke" line? Man how I loved that. This is one of those eps that I didn't really like much on first watch and grew to love on the second. Once I got past the "Duke Annoys" and got the "Duke needs reassurance" instead, I became fond of it. Plus the bit at the end, with the knife, is just fun

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