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[QUESTION, ANSWERED] How to search for something

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I don't have good luck searching in PT.  In the Books forum, I would like to search whether anyone has posted about a particular book that came out a couple of years ago.  In the book thread "What are we currently reading."  Can anyone help?  I want to search whether anyone posted about reading The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz.  Thank you. 

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I don't have a link.  I'm not sure I understand the question.   There is a books forum with subtopics.  On of the subtopics is "what are we currently reading."  I would like to search that subtopic to see if anyone mentioned the book I want to discuss.  The book is "The Plot" by Jean Hanff Korelitz. 

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You can search any topic as follows:

1. Type what it is you're searching for inside the search field at the top of the topic


2. Narrow the search parameters by selecting where you want to search using the dropdown menu that appears, then click on the magnifying glass


3. Hey presto, search results appear!


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