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I made this topic a while ago, wanting to talk about this great show. But then I couldn't bring myself to do it, because the ending was so horrible.

I was reminded of it again by the ending of the Owl House, which did everything right where Amphibia failed so miserably.

The whole show was about how your found family is just as important, if not more so, than your biological family and then the ending was like "No, fuck you, stay in your little box, no matter how it might not fit you. Also your found family?! They aint shit. You ought to stay where and with the people you came from! You'll never see the people you love ever again and the people you could see every day, you had an eternal bond with, yeah you'll grow estranged from and see them once every 10 years, maybe."

Maybe some of this is even "realistic", maybe that's life. Though I know a lot of people who have found family that stays with them throughout their lives. So I even question that premise. But even if it is "realistic", do we need that in a show about a magical land inhabited with talking frogs? Could we maybe stay on theme instead of kicking the audience in the face?

And what's worse, it didn't even make sense in universe. Scientists had opened protals to other worlds before and in one episode they even opened a small portal to Amphibia with three household generators and a cars alternator. The only thing they needed to make a portal big enough was more power. You can't tell me that wouldn't be possible with the FBI on their side now. It didn't even look like you'd need a whole power plant or anything, just maybe 10 generators.

I'm saddened that this horrible ending even spoiled the amazing ending of the Owl House for me a little, since I could just be in the moment without being reminded of this...

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