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Since Mallory's dad was a working musician and her mother seemed to be his road manager, I think it was pretty realistic that the kid at loose ends was permitted to hang around Heartland as much as she did. They even tried to send the kid to a boarding school when Charlie's career began to really take off, but she was lonesome and terribly homesick there. 


Mallory was always good for levity, and her observations were often spot-on. She said things that needed saying. I also miss Mallory, but I do wish Jessica Amlee all the best in whatever she does next. 

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Well, Season 7 was a serious season! ;-)


American fans watching on UPtv, you're in for a good ride for the seventh season. Lots of ups and downs, to be sure. You won't want to miss a single episode. 

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Ty;..."Amy Fleming will you still marry me?"

OMG, the missing engagement ring.First Amy leaves it on the bathroom sink, then it's in Georgie's pocket, then it's in Ty's pocket. Amy is going nuts and asks Jack to look in the kitchen sink pipes, then the lovely septic tank,...(HaHa) OMG,...funny stuff when Katie finds it in the laundry basket!

Then there's Maggie's, "The Heritage Building", Go Manager Mallory, pitching the idea to the Mayor. Great episode. I loved it

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Well, Season 7 was a serious season! ;-)


American fans watching on UPtv, you're in for a good ride for the seventh season. Lots of ups and downs, to be sure. You won't want to miss a single episode. 

Yes there are, so many ups & downs,....Gonna be like, 'Mr. Toads Wild Ride.'...

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This episode was so hard for me to watch. (Dang) I cried the whole time! Watching Ty take real control the way he did, & standing up to Tim the way he did, (WOW),. {It reminded me of how my brother-in-law stood up for my sister!},..& then how he was so protective over her,...(I loved It). As for Amber's acting skills in this episode (WOW, Excellent). I think comparing her to Melissa Sue Anderson isn't really fair. Melissa Sue Anderson had to permanently portray Mary as being blind and, Amber only portrayed Amy as being blind for 1 1/2 episodes. ~BUT~ they both did an amazing job (don't you think). My favorite scene was when Amy woke up next to Ty and she saw him (blurry), She reached out and touched his face. He looked at her and she said, "You've got the greenest eyes!!" (OMG,..OMG,..OMG) I was an ugly crying mess. Best episode, because it pushed them all more than we've seen before. SUPERCALIFRAGILESTICEXPIALODOCIOUS episode! =)

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I agree with you; I loved how Ty stood up to Tim! I was like yes, he needed to do that! :) I do think that Amber's acting was great in this episode, and you're right, I probably shouldn't have compared her to MSA because of the fact that she had to act blind for years, not just one episode. Amber did a great job.

Oh my yes, that was an extremely sweet scene. I loved it. The look on Ty's face when she said that was just pure love and relief and like a weight had lifted from his shoulders.

I think the episode was great overall!

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~ BTW~ For those of you who are interested in the Heartland Season's & Episode guide there a lot ways to find what you need, but I will give you 2;

  1. HeartlandOnCBC FB page, go to the blog tab and (SHAZAAM) there you have it
  2. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Heartland-episodes 


Here's hoping you find what you are looking for 

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Season 6 finale, Did You See It?


A lot happened tonight with Jack! First in 617 the stress between Jack & Tim was rough to watch. Add to that stress, the possibility of Georgie leaving and, the letter from Lisa It's understandable why Jack had a heart attack. His world is falling apart and there's nothing he can do about it. I can honestly relate. Feeling a bit, "Under Pressure", myself.. Jack is drained, depleted, and I think I saw, in him, a part that has given up. The look on his face at the dinner table when Jeff announced that he would be taking Georgie with him, the look on his face as Georgie ran screaming for Phoenix. Helpless, and a lone. My heart still aches for him!


For me personally, it doesn't take as much to send me spiraling down to the depths of despair. Can you feel for Jack? Watching him tonight was very hard. I hope you got a chance to watch it, and I really want to read what you all are thinking!. Next week..(oh brother) you will be mad! but For Jack tonight he's a broken man and that is the saddest thing to see.         .    

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USA fans watching on UPtv will have just seen Under Pressure, (S06.E18). They should come right over here to talk about the Season 7 premiere after they've seen it. Lots of duct tape over mouths right now, especially since Jack... well, you know...

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Heartland on CBC; "She elected to leave the series to pursue her career; she has moved to the US." {HLND answered a question from a fellow HLND Fan, who was inquiring about Jessica Amlee} I don't know about her not being able to "Make it on the outside." But, she is pursuing options here in the states..  

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This video is who I believe Amber really is, and in it you can see how easy it is for her to portray our FAV., Amy Fleming! Amber truly loves animals, all sorts, shapes, and sizes; as does Amy. If you follow HeartlandOnCBC FB, you will remember when BW (Blog Whisperer) posted her regular Tuesday Time Killer and she asked us a very simple question  (The Lesser Of Two Evils)  http://www.cbc.ca/heartland/blog/a-special-tuesday-time-killer...."If Amy Fleming was faced with having to decide upon one of the following two choices, which would she choose and why? 

1. A life of working with horses, but without Ty 


2. A life with Ty, but never again work with horses


Before I share with you my answer, This video goes to prove my point, that both Amber & Amy have a true love for Animals (Horses). It's in their blood, Amy doesn't just work with horses because she has to. She does it because it's who she is.Amy dreams of them,...has visions of being them, does things with horses (I can only dream of), that I've never seen before. Take Spartan,  OMG,(not everybody can do what she did). She not only turned herself around, but in doing so, she turned Spartan around. How about the horse that she first worked with, for Lisa, ( I think Promise, ?) That horses first owner, the blind guy, gave Amy some very useful information about the horse, but (WOW) seriously, that was the first time I was amazed with how Amy works with horses! Simply Beautiful. AND, don't forget the Dark Horse Audition the (LIBERTY HORSEMANSHIP),...We all know that her performance, that night, was all for Ty! (Uh Huh) I have never seen anything close to that before, and I was in AWE! WOW! Amber/Amy has got such a talent that,...well, takes my breath a way!


So Yes I chose # 1.....Because number 1 is who she is. I seriously can not see her going forward with her life if she could never work with horses again. Don't get me wrong, Ty is equally important to her, but I know what it means to find something in this world that you totally adore doing! If I gave up what I do just for love,....well, I would be short changing my man. He would not be getting the best part of me. Love comes and goes, but when you find that 1 special something, that you were meant to do,....nothing is worth giving it up for! NOTHING! And you are very lucky, indeed, if you have found it!   

This video shows us who Amber/ Amy really is!

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http://t.co/DihSAAbuLZ Amber is involved in a Cause of her own ( Building Kingdom House #AmberCares.)


Why did I share this, well, I am inspired by, and I admire, Amber Marshall. When our fav., actors & stars are involved in humanitarian causes, it makes me love em more. Cudos to Amber Marshall   

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http://www.cbc.ca/heartland/blog/the-calm-before-the-storm I did this for Amy (Amber Marshall), so I will do this for Ty (Graham Wardle). Cruise With A Cause is his baby, and I am glad to see that our fav. actors/ stars care so much about the world they live in. When they care, it inspires me to do what I can. Even if it's not as grand as this, every little bit counts. Way To Go Graham, I hope it's a great success.  

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Okay, so now that Season 6 is over in the USA (thank you, UPtv, for getting this far), I'd like to know what you American viewers are thinking right about now. Jack, face-down in the snow... the letter from Lisa in his pocket... What do you think or hope will happen with these two? Is it the end of the road for them? Will Lisa ever get that reconciliation she mentioned in her letter? Let's hear your thoughts. 

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You certainly stirred the boiling pot, 'TheRealTC'!

OMG,...does Lisa even know about, "Jack, face-down in the snow", she sent the letter and doesn't know. UGH I'm crying all over again! That would be the most horrible thing ever if Jack doesn't,..OMG,(I can't bring myself to say it) What if she never gets the chance for the reconciliation. That's all I ever wanted for them. I always loved them and I hate it without her. What's she gonna do now? We don't even know if she'll be back, but I want her to come back.


And why does UPtv keep showing the graveyard,....I hate that. OMG, I want him to make it so bad. I'm just dying inside. What will they do without him 

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I think I'll be back [ ... ] Though I could comment now, it wouldn't be as much fun. I need to prepare my comment before the ax 'cometh a blazing outta ma mouth'. I'll Be Back [ ... ] after 7~ish    

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Alright I simply can't hold it in any more, and I will give the best that I can from my perspective of 701;


  1. Prince Ahmed ~ (Ooh La La Sasson) YES, I think he's my new 'eye candy', and I like him. (I know, I know, just hear me out), The Prince, Ahmed, lost his father and has to pick up where his dad left off! That is quite the task (even for Prince Ahmed). Imagine never in your life having to deal with ie,.. or 'manage', your hired hands. He probably never interacted with them before, (cuz there is always someone else to do the job). This is all new to him ( I know that's no excuse), He treats people the way he's been trained to. In his world people ( non-royalty ) are just a commodity. (still no excuse). Most of all Prince Ahmed is hurting. Pain see's not the class of people. Pain hits everyone the same, weather or not we are homeless, president, prime minister, or crowned prince; pain is still pain, and he has to deal with his pain first. With Amy's help he does. She makes it quite clear to him, "You are just a condescending, sexist jerk", and she is able to brake the wall that he so successfully erected in honor of his PA, the KING! That moment was yet again amazing! & I do really like Prince Ahmed, he does have a heart, because we saw it break! He's a good guy (despite the horrid things being said about him on the internet) Think about this, do you welcome, with wide open arms, your pains, struggles and trials; or are you like him, afraid and scared of the (unknown) future? (BUT, HOLY WOW, Did you see that saddle?) He thanked Amy with a, "MIRACLE GIRL" saddle. (HOLY SADDLE BATMAN)..simply Beautiful, Gorgeous,...(and OH SO DROOL WORTHY) yep!  
  2.  TIM ~ Wait,...let me get my paper sack to breathe in, so I won't 'HYPERVENTILATE'! (Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, much better),  "Oh For The Love Of Pete", (who's Pete?) Tim is so audaciously rude (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) He reaches a new level of "ANNOYINGLY SMACK WORTHY", The way he took over Jack's ranch, as if he owned the place, (grrrrrrrrrrrrr), I do believe he just assumed the role all on his own. "I'm runnin' the ranch while you're sunning yourself in Arizona..." and Jack, "But, you're the one who almost killed me in the first place". (Woooo Hoooo, tell him Jack) . Tim also replaced Jack's coffee pot with the Jetson's, "Kitchen~O~matic, do everything, machine",  (grrrrrrrrrrrrr) and to top all that off, (wait, I have to breathe in my paper sack), he sales Jack's trucks, (wait, hold it, I just broke my sack) ARE YOU KIDDIN' ME,.....Where the !@#$%^&*, and !@#$%^&*, does Tim get off. WHO IN THE !@#$%^&*, and !@#$%^&*, does he think he is?  (GOSH I can't stand Tim in this episode) 
  3. Georgie & Peter ~  (alright, forget the paper sack,....UGH,...now I NEED A BOX OF TISSUE) Olivia can say any snarky thing she wants, because (TRUTH BE TOLD) her Dad ain't nuttin' like Peter. But, she say's the most hurtful things a kid can say to another. (Parents, listen up) This is the kind of harassment, bullying, and viciousness that is plaguing our schools. (and parents, "not you" ,do nothing about it) I am glad that Heartland Writers are touching this subject. When our children act like !@#$%^&*, and !@#$%^&*, and !@#$%^&*, to other children, please take care of the matter. I work at a school that is completely proactive on this subject, (but, parents can do a lot more at home). No child ever deserves to be treat, and bullied, to the point one has to fight back! It's just wrong. AND, I truly loved the, "Father ~ Daughter Dance". I loved how Olivia was envying what Georgie has in Peter! I loved the look of shock on Olivia's face when she saw them dance! I absolutely love GEORGIE & PETER's relationship. Adopted children are no different than our own, birth~children. They deserve the same love you / we give our own. They're precious just like our own, and we all bleed red!


So, my fellow HEARTLANDERS, there you have it, my thoughts of 701, (Your peanut factory giving her 2 cents worth)

Be blessed, till next time      .                  

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Based on the comments from various quarters of cyberspace, everyone loves Jack, and everyone would have been heartbroken if he had been written off at the end of Season 6. Everywhere, there were people saying Jack's the "heart" of Heartland; the glue that holds the family together, the "moral compass" of the show, etc. 


Is it any wonder that people were emotional? That people were threatening to stop watching if Jack died?


I have yet to see a voice of dissent. Grandpa Jack is everyone's favorite. He's possibly loved even more than Amy, the "Miracle Girl". 


I know I breathed a huge sigh of relief when Jack showed up at the ranch, alive and well, scaring the bejeebers out of Tim upon arriving in the middle of the night. 


So, what is it about Jack you like best, folks? What would you do if the writers (somewhere down the line) wrote Jack off? Do tell!

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Well, (who knew), when I first posted, "My Future's in the garbage", on August 9 that I would be sharing this little piece of Cindy Busby Delight! In America on the Hallmark Channel there is a little series called,'Cedar Cove'. Guess who's in it, (you get 1 guess, and the first one doesn't count).. Yes, you got it, Cindy Busby.


Ya know, sometimes we can't take back the things that dribble out of our, unsuspecting, mouths, and we're left with our jaws (slamming) on the ground! Guess what her role is in Cedar Cove....? Again, (you get 1 guess, and the first one doesn't count), She's the Assistant District Attorney. (hmmmmmmmm, didn't she go to college, in Heartland, to become a Lawyer),....well heck, slap me silly and whack me like a mole, (seriously, what are the chances), so far it doesn't look like she's ended up like Sarah Craven......(man, I hate when that happens), but in all honesty sincerely, good for her, 'way ta go', and 'you go girl'.  


BTW,..way to make me look like a fool! Hey, I don't mind one bit, because I love Cindy Busby as an actress. She made me love her & hate her all at the same time. For any actor/ actress, that is quite the achievement. At the end of her role as Ashley Stanton, I hated her, (I admit it), BUT, as an actress she realy is a true DELIGHT.

So I leave you with a little egg on my face, (hysterically) loving every minute of it!

     Be very carefull what dribbles out of your, ever loving, mouths......LOL, (just say'n) 


p.s. Cindy play's a snarky (BEE~OCH),purposely spelled it like that .. (again, what are the chances?) (HaHa) 

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Today is the day America, 6pm (Pacific Time) 9pm (Eastern Time) On UPtv.....(The Peanut Factory will be back, giving you her 2 cents worth), Are you ready for more Tim bashing. Will he do more crazy Tim stuff,..will Georgie & Olivia become best friends,..will Ty & Amy get married. Let's watch to find out and return here to YAK IT UP again! =) 

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Ready Or Not,..., here's my 2 cents worth!


This time I will start with Lou. I know she annoys a lot of Heartland Fans, some don't even like her. Though I do understand, (I just have to laugh),.OMG, she's so mellow dramatic. I know she is worried about Jack,...(dang it, we all are), and her heart is in the right place. Tonight she cracked me up thinking she had 1 up on Jack by inviting Dr. Verani to diner. & Jack having heartburn, ( sorry, I just had to burst a gut). It's safe to say that I love Lou!. She brings a cute sort of humor to the show! Lou is right, Jack does have to start taking care of himself, he is the rock of the family, he is the only guy that Lou has been able to rely on! She is right!  & She adores Jack!!! 


Olivia ~ Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (It's safe to say that I don't like her), but I do like her on the show. She is mean, hateful, and down right cruel! She is going to make Georgie a  better Georgie though, in the long run, (maybe they will become best friends in season 8) that hurt just typing it!  Their competition tonight reminded me of Ashley & Amy,..it was awesome. Georgie congratulates Olivia and Olivia was, yet again, cruel. Georgie walks a way from her saying, "Carrots Up Your Nose,..Carrots Up your Nose". I believe that Olivia will push Georgie to always take the high road. Olivia is exactly what Georgie needs to push her into greatness. (I do see a quirky kind of friendship), as much as I hate typing it.....UGH! Olivia did deserve the punch in the nose! (Go Georgie),.[omg, I am not promoting violence, OK] 


Jack~ is stubborn, & cute, & sentimental. Tradition is what makes him who he is. It tugs at his heart, like nothing else. That's why change comes so hard for him. ( I love this about him). No one understands Jack like Lisa & Ty. While Tim does everything to get rid of Jacks past, Ty does everything, to help Jack keep it. Ty takes Jack throughout the beautiful countryside looking for the trucks,Tim had hauled off. (Grrrrr Tim). They find the Light Blue Chevy at a junk yard, In The Crusher,..Flat As A Pancake..(hmm I had pancakes while watching tonight yummy) .....(Oh Tim) The "Old Timer", Chevy was at another junk yard,.Picked A Part,.."Stripped To The Bone."...(I'm so mad at Tim) This is Jack's stuff, on Jacks property, where does Tim get off?????? Oh ya, "to make room for the sheep", (Are you Kidding Me TIM) [!@#$%^&*,.and,..!@#$%^&*] These 2 episodes, I really don't like Tim, (but back to Jack) While Dr. Verani is having diner, at the ranch, Jack has an attack, OF HEARTBURN,.(hahahahahahahahaha), what a Koinky Dink,..eh! (Indigestion,...well who can blame him, with all the mother hens, Tim, and... DE~CAFFEINATED COFFEE..?) I'd have indigestion too!!! Which one of you reading this didn't, holler with delight when, at the end, Ty brings Goldie Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I told you,.. Ty understands Jack!


Peter ~ OMG, he took Katy's spoon a way from her,.(my bottom lip poked out too). Awwww poor Katie, come here, let me give you a hug!  I just love how Peter interacts with Georgie. He is her voice of reason. Instead of getting mad at her, he so gently talks to her in a reasonable way. I love Peter for that. I love how he & Lou tell Georgie she is officially ADOPTED! For the first time she has a real family, (I am dreading season 8, because of this). [sighing] I really do think that Peter is a strong character and father for her. I hope to see more of this in season 8 as well!


Ty & Amy ~ Oh to be young and in love, all over again. My favorite part of tonight was when Ty meets up with Amy at the "Little Ranch". I loved how they ran throughout the property, dreaming with each other, and talking about .....(hold on,.. I need my paper sack again), "KID'S". I absolutely adore them, and I really can't wait to see their future unfold. I really want them to get the, "LITTLE RANCH". I want them to start their business together. I love them as much as I love JISA. Ty & Amy represent (for me) a younger JISA! This was just so enjoyable, watching them dream with each other! I love this about them! (but, WHEN IS THE WEDDING?)  


Tonight was a good show, I really loved it. I can't wait for more. The quirky interactions of the family is so crazy, funny to watch! I love HEARTLAND!    

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I have seen most of these episodes and it looks to me Tim crossed a line trying a new grain and it could have hurt the animals but didn't?  That I could forgive but removing his cars and coffeemaker was a last straw.  I've never seen Tim to be so douchey, in my timeline anyway.

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The Wait For 8 ~ [if you're not connected with HeartlandOnCBC via FB & Twitter, you should be],.. There are general spoilers here, and I warn all a y'all,....read on at your own risk. Contents may be hazardous to your health.  

On FB (HeartlandOnCBC has their Blog page for you, to learn interesting stuff) There are tabs for; their home page, episodes, cast, characters bio's, official blog, and music...etc (why did I tell you this, because what I will share, you can check it out for yourself)

Last season (7) ended with Amy flying a way, on a helicopter, with Prince Ahmed; Jack & Lisa are 'MARRIED', and Tim stood in with them as a witness, Jack & Tim are - to say the least- on good terms again; Georgie get's the 'Trick Riding Saddle', of her dreams..[ these are the main things that stand out in my mind right now]

During the wait for 8 we have learned the names of 12 Season 8 episodes:
801 There and Back Again
802 The Big Red Wall
803 Severed Ties
804 Secrets and Lies
805 Diamonds and Rust
806 Steal Away
807 Walk A Mile
808 The Family Tree
809 The Pike River Cull
810 The Heart of a River
811 ??
812 Broken Heartland

Keep in mind the names, of each titled episode, as I continue.

A friend (of whom I consider to be close, though we've not met 'FACE TO FACE') posted on FB yesterday some troubling news for Heartland, and when I checked myself, I found her to be accurate. I was shocked, and well,..shocked. (FYI; we met through our mutual love, of/ for, Heartland. Which is extremely amazing to me. I have made several friends, on the internet, BECAUSE OF HEARTLAND. That in itself, blows me a way! (and we don't even live in the same country). Heartland did that. I would have never met these amazing friends, were it not for HEARTLAND! So, get connected, it is incredibly awesome!

I want to start with Amy, because she left Ty, while the most emotionally amazing song, I have ever heard, was playing. ("Let Her Go" by Passenger).
Remember, she also had an incredible job offer, on the table, from Prince Ahmed. Amazing in itself, because how many times, in a lifetime, does an offer like that come around? For me (NEVER and I'm nearing the top of my proverbial HILL)! She was flying a way, on that helicopter, with Ty gazing up, probably thinking, "What The H_ _ _ Did I Just Do." It is the saddest look I've ever seen on his face.
Yesterday I read Amy's Character Bio, and [Amy returns with a secret]. It scares me, really. Okay, after Season 6 episode 9, (ya know, the engagement) I, like so many, have been eagerly anticipating Amy & Ty's wedding. Now, I'm not so sure that is going to happen. Her Bio Pic is shockingly sad. I love Amy, (as I know many do), I want her to be happy, I want her & Ty to be married. (maybe they will & maybe they won't), and I want them to purchase that adorable, "LITTLE RANCH", though it looks shabby. That makes me sad.@_@

Ty [severs ties with a mentor]. Maybe with Jack,...maybe with Scott. Both have been his mentor. This too is sad. I have truly enjoyed watching how both Jack and Scott have impacted Ty. Truly sad! @_@

Jack, the news of Jack and Lisa's marriage [throws the family into turmoil]. @_@, WHY? We all loved the wedding and how Tim figured it out, and no one else did! OMG,...when Lisa drove up in her "ROLLS ROYCE" or was it a BENTLEY (idk), either way,...OMG, 'Holy Vehicle Batman'. She looked so exquisitely beautiful. I cried so much, (went through a whole box of tissue). Why could the amazingly wonderful news of JISA's marriage bring, "TURMOIL". Of all the adjectives we have to choose from, I never thought of that one! So sad. @_@

Georgie, she's a funny growing teenager, but we know that a, [long lost relative, of hers, comes to Heartland. Is this long lost relative ['the surprising discovery, that, threatens to change everything]. Georgie, @_@. She just found out, not too long ago, she's adopted by Peter & Lou! @_@ completely sad!

Lou, do you know how many times my mother has told Lou to, "SHUT UP,"... well a lot! She doesn't care, a whole lot, about Lou, but I like her. Throughout the years she has grown on me. Do you remember when Amy named a horse, that Scott brought over, Lou. OMG, (Bah, Hahahahahahahahha) And how bout the time Amy found the CD Lou made for, The Constable Rodriguez . (Bah, Hahahahahahahaha), she chases Amy out of her room. OMG, Amy! [Lou has an admission that threatens the HEARTLAND Family forever]...WHAT?

Keep in mind I only used a small portion of their BIOS. I did not want to use the whole thing. You can read them for yourselves, on HEARTLANDOnCBC's Blog page via FB!

Lou's Bio is the most frightening to me, of all of them. I remember when we first saw Lou in Season 1 episode 1. She was having a real hard time fitting in, she spent a lot of time trying to change the way HEARTLAND ran, she also spent a lot of time at the bank. After reading her Bio, I am left wondering if she made a rotten business deal and put HEARTLAND up as collateral.

Now the HEARTLANDOnCBC FB home page changed. The picture is at dusk with the sun setting. The question was raised if the, "SUN MIGHT LITERALLY BE SETTING ON HEARTLAND?" Will season 8 be the last season of Heartland?

We certainly don't know, but my thought is that, with all I've read in their bio's, I would really hate it if Heartland left on such a negative tone. Maybe the sun is setting on a really bad day, but with the hope of the dawning of a new day. (A new season). I would hope that the writers would end Heartland ......HAPPY!
Season 8 looks to be the most traumatic season we've seen yet. PLEASE HEARTLAND, don't end it like this,....please! This makes me sad @_@


For the FULL CHARACTER BIO's you may go to HEARTLANDOnCBC FB (blog page)

sighing deeply.

Respectfully yours, The Peanut Factory. Giving You Her 2 Cents

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Mallory's not old enough to do ...WHAT? Fly on an airplane to France? When my daughter was 8yrs old I put her on an airplane going to Texas to see her Great Grand~Mother for the last time. (she went by herself), my father was waiting in Texas for her. Mallory's not old enough to leave.....assuming she was 16,..ish,....why is she not old enough? 

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~ Ba Ba Black Sheep, Have You Any Wool? Yes Sir, Yes Sir 3,.....er (100),... Bags Full; 1,...er (98) For The Master, 1 For The Dame, And 1 For The Little Boy Who Lives Down The Lane.~

"The Penny Drops"

OMG,...stinking Tim and all those stinking sheep! Neither him or Jack help with the sheep,..grrrrrrrrr! But, very funny nonetheless! 


The penny sure did drop,LOL. Amy get's to wean a foal while having to deal with those sheep! grrrrrrr. But, she's quite the clever one and has Georgie & Lou & Nicole help with rounding, those little stinkers, up. I was quite impressed. (While the men were waiting for the penny to drop, the ladies were working their butts off) I loved it! I also really enjoyed the return of Nicole. She is awesome, though returning on some not so awesome circumstances. She will prove to be very helpful to Lou with Mallory's sad, departure! I was very glad to see how they bid her farewell! "GOOD BYE MALLORY"! That was very touching. With Mallory gone, Nicole picks up at Maggie's and is awesome!  


The penny dropped and the ladies hand Katie over to Jack, to clean the baby "POO"! (Hahahahahahahahaha, Jack should have said "I don't Do Baby POO")  Mallory we miss you so darn much! 


So there's my 2 cents worth (which didn't drop from my underneath side) yet again! GREAT EPISODE! 

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Well,....a sentimental moment while watching 104 again that brought tears. I've come to realize that I relate more to Jack than any other character, (go figure,..I'm female), in more than one way. First he lost his daughter, in a car accident, and just when you might think he's gotten past the pain Marney reminds him that Marion would have loved the party. He get's choked up and leaves the BBQin' to Scott. Marney meant no harm when she made the innocent observation. I lost my sister to cancer (bone cancer). 27 yrs ago, yet still, people today will make innocent observations that just rip my heart out once again! I can relate with how Jack felt! Then again toward the end of the episode Jack confronts Tim. Tim has been absent from his daughters lives for most of Amy's life, and some of Lou's! My daughter's father has been absent for most of her life. Now that she's married & pregnant, he wants to pick up where he left off, but it's not that easy! I hope the day comes where just the 2 of them can have a heart to heart, but until then he will have to make a huge effort  to not disappoint her (yet) again. I can relate with Jack. He said things to Tim  that I've wanted to say to my daughter's father, but haven't, to spare her more pain.


While I watched 104 tonight I cried because that's what Heartland does. We all can relate to the characters one way or another. I love Jack and his strength when he's instigated & pushed to be weak. He sacrifices so much for Lou & Amy, just like we do for our children. But I will never understand the parent who leaves their children. The kid's are the ones who suffer, not us! They can't just come back when it's convenient, for them, and assume the red carpet will be rolled out in their honor for finally getting it right. I'm blessed though, because my daughter never let her absent father determine the woman she became.



Just a little more of my 2 cents worth!      

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