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[NOT A BUG] Username/Display Name Changed Without My Knowledge

Ramona Quimby

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I just noticed that my display name/username, which used to be "Ramona Quimby," has/had been switched back to a past display name/user name "Writerbug." I had made a few comments using the "Ramona Quimby" name, not many, but a few (mainly in the Books Forum.) When I tried to switch back to "Ramona Quimby," I was told that another user was already using the same name; am presuming/hoping that this is a bug and I am the user who is using the "Ramona Quimby" name. 

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That is very strange. Each of those usernames has a separate account with different email addresses and neither show any indication of the username being changed at any time. I can merge both accounts into one, if that is acceptable, please confirm which username should remain.

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