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[NOT A BUG] Username/Display Name Changed Without My Knowledge

Ramona Quimby

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I just noticed that my display name/username, which used to be "Ramona Quimby," has/had been switched back to a past display name/user name "Writerbug." I had made a few comments using the "Ramona Quimby" name, not many, but a few (mainly in the Books Forum.) When I tried to switch back to "Ramona Quimby," I was told that another user was already using the same name; am presuming/hoping that this is a bug and I am the user who is using the "Ramona Quimby" name. 

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That is very strange. Each of those usernames has a separate account with different email addresses and neither show any indication of the username being changed at any time. I can merge both accounts into one, if that is acceptable, please confirm which username should remain.

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On 11/25/2021 at 4:09 AM, writerbug said:

Hmmm. Sorry didn't realize that, thx! If you could just merge both accounts into one, it would be greatly appreciated! 

No problem, if you would confirm which username you want to keep, I'll make it happen.

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