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S02.E13: Silent Night

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Word of God is that this episode takes place between Audrey Parker's Day Off and The Tides That Bind, so I'm putting it in my rewatch in "chronological" order.


This is such a Christmas episode. It's cheesy and dopey, the day is saved by The Power Of Love, and the curmudgeon learns to love Christmas with her new family. And yet it's hard not to like it, because Nathan being an adorable dork and Audrey being cranky and Duke in a Santa suit. I admire the Powers That Be for managing to make a Christmas episode work in the larger context (and timeline) of the show. Really, the only notable complaint I have about it that doesn't fall under the "eh, it's a Christmas episode" umbrella is that Hadley seemed to have been written with a younger actress in mind.


Fun story: When I was introducing the show to a friend, we watched this episode while he was slightly medicated and he warned that his responses might be a bit sillier than usual due to that. I reassured him that he wasn't likely to out-absurd the episode proper, and he responded with "Duke showing up at Nathan's place in a Santa suit with mistletoe." He was caught off guard by the discovery that that was considerably closer to the truth than he'd expected it to be.

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