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The Mason "Boys": Hal, Ben, Matt

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The place to discuss the Mason brood...




For the most part, I find Ben the most interesting.  Part of it is the story lines, for sure, but I also think he's a good actor.  Hal is OK, but his stories mostly bore me.  And Matt is just so young, but his plots are getting better.  I'm glad he is out of that indoctrination camp, though, and doesn't have to try to carry a subplot on his own.  

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Ben is my favourite, then comes Matt, and Hal can get written out for all I care.

Matt's tightening relationship with Weaver is nice to watch. I just hope he doesn't get killed off for it, like Jeanie (sp) after finally returning.

Ben's development might get tied to Lexi. I hope not too much since she is my least favourite Mason and she sucked enough energy out of the series already.

Hal sometimes shows promise in becoming a leader on his own, has nice interactions and a bit of growth, but the show manages repeatedly to make me just not care for him. Be it his hot/cold relationship with Maggie, or his ineptitude in communication, there is often something to irritate me. The whole Lexi thing really didn't help this season.

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