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Grey's Anatomy: The Best of MerDer

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Long, long ago, Grey's Anatomy was a good show.  As in "Grey's Anatomy is on tonight!  Let's stay home and watch it!" as opposed to "That show is still on the air?"

The first few seasons focused heavily on the relationship of Meredith and Derek (aka McDreamy). 


  • A Hard Day's Night (Season 1, Episode 1) See how it all began
  • Shake Your Groove Thing (Season 1, Episode 5) Meredith and friends throw a party. Derek and Meredith do some partying of their own... until Bailey interrupts them
  • Who's Zoomin' Who? (Season 1, Episode 9) Oops, he's married. There's his wife.
  • Bring the Pain (Season 2, Episode 5) Also known as the "Pick Me. Choose Me. Love Me." episode
  • Into You Like a Train (Season 2, Episode 6) This episode is heavy into metaphors for their crumbling relationship
  • Losing My Religion (Season 2, Episode 36) Like teenagers everywhere, Derek and Meredith leave a prom to have sex
  • Some Kind of Miracle (Season 3, Episode 17) Derek deals with Meredith's drowning
  • Elevator Love Letter (Season 5, Episode 19) Derek returns to the hospital after his time away and proposes in the elevator
  • Now or Never (Season 5, Episode 24) Derek and Meredith try to get married. Things keep coming up. So they get "married" via post it note.

Streaming on Netflix!


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