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Spiral in the Media

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A nice article about Caroline Proust.


Meet Spiral's feminist anti-hero




Caroline Proust screeches up to a Paris cafe terrace on her bike in a mini-dress and red leather jacket, beaming a lipsticked smile. It's a far cry from her TV character, police captain Laure Berthaud: the downtrodden detective who is France's least groomed sex symbol. With her unwashed hair, no makeup, T-shirt worn three days in a row and seemingly perpetual PMT, Berthaud has become one of the most prized TV pin-ups in a nation that likes its beauty barefaced.


Berthaud's feminist anti-hero, heading a team of male cops who she loves and who exasperate her, is tempered by Proust's interpretation. "They wanted a female character who, if she wants to sleep with a guy, says: 'I want you,' and if it's finished just tells him it's over. It's quite a masculine attitude and it makes the character very original. She's not a slut, she's just a woman who obeys her desires in a very simple way. I find that very interesting."


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French without tears: learning criminal slang from 'Spiral'


Du boeuf gros, la poudre, faire les courses, echangistes, mettre dans le crâne – all these words and phrases and dozens more can be picked up from watching Spiral. Translations: stewing steak, heroin (or perhaps cocaine), doing the shopping, swingers/wife-swappers, get (something) into your head. Here are some other words I liked: and, as you can see, franglais is alive and well, despite the protective efforts of the Académie française.


une benne a skip — where you dump mutilated corpses, usually female

chef  "boss"

escort girl escort girl

femme de compagnie escort girl

cool cool

shit (pron. like "sheet") drugs, such as cannabis resin – as in "cent grams de shit!"




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