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Kevin Kane / Officer Sorensen

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New to this forum but i have a question was wondering if anyone else noticed. During his very short lived appearance as the new partner replacement for officer Burgess (s4 ep8 shot heard around the world), Sorensen quits after witnessing another officer's death during a ambush/set up, while quitting he states "I got 20 years... im vested." When this episode dropped in 2016, the actor who plays Sorensen, Kevin Kane, was only like 27/28 years old...

So my question is, did some drama happen behind the scenes that got Kane kicked off the show to the extent that the writers gave him a line that obviously doesnt fit his character? Or was it just sloppy writing all together since Sorensen doesnt look a day over his early 30s? You would think a "vested" officer wouldnt take an ambush / death of a fellow officer (who he probably didnt even know or acknowledge) as critically as he did, if anything it would prob motivate him to find the killer IMO. Also isnt it super against regulation for Platt to dismiss his request to talk to someone from peer support?? Please explain this is eating at me lol thanks in advance 

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