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  1. Yep that cool edgy boat sailed a long time ago for our Miss Killinger. Yes she needs to be put in her place by an OAP. I'd pay good money to see it....it would be epic.
  2. Nope she isn't funny at all....has a superiority attitude towards most of the OAP and their products.
  3. If that's green beans casserole how much did she eat??? I thought she didn't cook, did hubby do the cooking? More like a beer gut
  4. And she feels she can coach others on how to live? This girl sounds like she needs an army of yes men just to get through the day..... Watching super hyper Kirsten with Alberti on Saturday Morning Gifts. She's sporting her Little Bo Peep hairdo with curls, curds and whey... she looks ridiculous.
  5. I see the stupid hat is never far from her unwashed hair Someone or something?
  6. Her hair so so greasy, I'm sure it smells to high heaven Does she brush her hair with her cabin socks? I thought she owned every hair dryer known to man
  7. And she feels she can coach others on how to live? This girl sounds like she needs an army of yes men just to get through the day.....
  8. Sounds perfect to me!! There's no paper in their house? How dumb is it to scrawl a message on the bathroom mirror?
  9. She's pitiful, probably a sad individual who never ever achieved the status of royalty or nobility that she has desperately longed for and feels she deserves. She isn't a rock star, she isn't young, she isn't quirky or edgy, she isn't the intellect she portrays herself to be, she isn't an artist, she has no decorating talents what so ever. What she is is a middle-aged woman who needs to remain in the limelight at any cost. She acts foolish when she's hosting a show, and dresses foolishly also.
  10. I agree with you 100%. And I also can believe she has absolutely no friends. Who would want to associate with someone so insecure, always wants to be in the spotlight and is so rude and crude. Nope not me.....
  11. If I'm cold, alone and hungry I would think that makes me homeless. I would have no resources what so ever to watch QVC let alone purchase anything from it. How selfish, self-centered and delusional is this person????
  12. How long does it take to type out "your" and "you are"???? She is so juvenile. I hate those abbreviations as much as I hate "y'all" which is all I see on Facebook.
  13. Horrible tree, horrible decorations. No talent at all.....everything is dark and gloomy looking.
  14. Even her tree and decorations are awful. She has no decorating skills at all. I bet she thinks it looks fabulous......
  15. She trys to sound like she's a deep thinker, very dramatic and full of shit.....
  16. She probably has to wait for a strong gust of wind to propel her across the line!!!
  17. Yep the car is already taken by Kirsten for crying jags. Poor guy, he must have a stash of chips, candy and pizza hidden somewhere in the house.... Believe me. I was quite speechless when I saw what she looked like.....
  18. If I was Shawn's mother I'd demand royalties from QVC and Shawn every time she makes reference to me. It seems she uses her mother and her health problems as a selling point and also sympathy. Shawn is a piece of work, she is embarrassing to watch. I actually try because I don't want to miss any of her stupid antics but I usually can only stand a few minutes and then I change the channel. I'm sure I'm not alone in this..... Sleazy and unwashed....
  19. Her hair on the left looks like it was caught in a garbage disposal
  20. Is Laurie Felt of the sherpa fame, oversized throws with pom poms hanging from them which one is supposed to wear? That heart sweater is hideous. No woman wants to look like a walking billboard. Some of these so-called "designers" leave a lot to be desired..
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