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  1. Even earlier that that. Carol had them all beat....
  2. I never liked this Jill bitch. She was always so condescending on QVC. I remember one time there was a customer question, and she wanted to make it perfectly clear, this was not her question, it was a question "from you guys". Implying here's a DUMB question form a DUMB ASS QVC customer.
  3. Look like she dipped her hands in Nuclear Waste !
  4. Oh No. Not a Peace Love World TSV? No No No ! ! ! ! More overpriced sweatshirts. Oh and there is the guitar on the couch. This woman is the biggest pretentious poser. This is from someone here on this board, and it fits SO WELL ! ! ! “Peace Love World is a subsidiary of their parent company, Notions from a Narcissist (All Rights Reserved)”
  5. Yes, those patterns. WOW. I mean,,, TOO MUCH. It's not a bad bag, but too much with the patterns.
  6. OMG... This shot of the TWEAKER Jane is PRICELESS ! ! ! !
  7. I SO AGREE.... New QVC CEO... Please get rid of this bitch! The condescending talk, cutting off vendors for her person narcissism makes QVC unwatchable. She shows TOTAL disinterest in the products and more interest in talking about how great she is. PLEASE GET RID OF HER! Or at least put her on Q2. P L E A S E ! ! ! ! !
  8. Oh yes he does. HE IS SO UNHEALTHY LOOKING, and has labored breathing. You can hear it all the time. He is a perfect example of someone that is going to have heath issues because of their weight, lack of exercise and stress. His "Weatherman" hair style has always been TOO much for me. That greased down, dies black look. Not good.
  9. WOW. I knew Isaac was a TOTAL POS.... That proves it to no end.... !
  10. YES. This bitch drives me crazy with that crap she spits out. JUST SHUT UP ! ! !
  11. I agree, Rachel looks good in most of the clothes EXCEPT... LOGO. That crap is GARBAGE. UGLY UGLY UGLY.
  12. YES. This guy DRIVES ME CRAZY. He's on the Jane meds today. And his momma lives near me, so I see the dork every now an then.
  13. Same here. I don't mind Val at all. She's actually relaxing to watch.
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