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  1. I watched this film and I am completely satisfied with it. A very funny and positive film.I enjoyed watching the movie thanks to a new upholstered chair that I bought after watching a couple of reviews here.
  2. I want to go camping with my friends. For me, camping is a part of life. This is what I can't live without, because nature is a kind of catalyst for me that cleanses me of all dirt. I especially enjoy walking with friends in the woods. Recently, we wanted to take a friend with us, but he categorically refused under the pretext that he was afraid of getting lost. And that's why we bought walkie-talkies here so he wouldn't worry.
  3. The garden lives its own life. My father planted a garden, but after his death, the garden still stands. I'm thinking of taking care of it, cleaning it up.
  4. There are those who did not like the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt? what do you say?"
  5. Rename the thread. The film is now called Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey😑.
  6. Very cool movie. Guy Ritchie is as good as ever.
  7. I didn't go to that movie in the theater. Should I buy this movie in the future?
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