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  1. I agree that the tweaks and adjustments are making her look older. She’s lost the naturally youthful planes of her face and lips by overfilling them.
  2. As difficult as she must be to live with it must be much worse now that she’s a “health coach”. She’s probably silently and not so silently judging everything he eats that isn’t broccoli. Yikes. Feel sorry for him.
  3. In a video about becoming a health coach, Kerstin expressed dismay at “some family members” who aren’t on board with her healthy eating and exercise regimen. She said she can’t push them but she’s frustrated at their unwillingness to join her on this journey. She must’ve been referencing hubby because his boobs are bigger than hers in that picture above. I know it doesn’t take much, but still.
  4. Exhausted after 2 days of laying around, picking at her feet, and sipping wine at work — Shawn reports she is on a “mini-vacay” — where she’s laying around, waiting for a massage, and sipping wine.
  5. I guess these don’t count as cold shoulder?
  6. Shawn is preening and posturing as if it were actually Vogue’s 73 questions and not some random 22 year old production assistant asking about 25. She’s quite pleased with herself. From our fashion expert: Q: What’s your favorite fashion trend? Shawn: I like the one shoulder. Q: What’s the one trend you hope never comes back? Shawn: For sure - cold shoulder - Horrible! Horrible!
  7. “Shawn can take anything and make it couture cuckoo”
  8. Right on cue this was Jane’s intro to jimmy the baker and his crumbcake: “Jayne Brown was supposed to present this and I said Jayne please let me do this cause I have no better joy on the air than when I get to torture jimmy the baker who just absolutely broke my heart in high school blew me off I don’t know what it was I just really was not exciting enough for him but we get to play together on QVC....” She’s talking a mile a minute — it’s exhausting listening to her!
  9. The difference in these pictures isn’t just natural aging. Shawn’s face shape is completely different. Her cheeks are overfilled, the brows overdone, even her eyes look different. Her natural eye slopes downward. Botox and filler are supposed to be subtle when done right; Shawn’s work has altered the shape of her face.
  10. “I don’t usually like potatoes, but......”
  11. How’d she go from Poppy to her child’s current name? They’re so very different...must’ve been during one of her mad cool benders!
  12. I think Shawn loves having a cohost to play the “straight man” to her quirky, mad-cool antics. When she’s alone, with no one to play off of, she acts disinterested and bored.
  13. Is it too late to enter this to the worst scs fashion poll @Booney?
  14. Posing with the dryer vent Kerstin is on Instagram complaining about all the unpacking and laundry that has to be done after a vacation. I’m away right now and the last thing I’ll do when I get home is complain about the laundry. She’s completely joyless — I can’t imagine living with such a buzzkill.
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