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  2. Given what Sheldon thinks he saw, I imagine his reaction was like any of the various times I’ve walked in on people in a bedroom: close the door as quickly as possible and don’t look.
  3. They didn’t talk about it. Sheldon walked back out without a word and he and George never spoke of it.
  4. With this episode, I’m officially washing my hands of this no spoilers rule. It’s irrelevant now. However, deep diving into the weeds of it still needs to go in the comparison topic.
  5. $50 says Ainsley pulls a slice and dice on Capshaw. This is set up just like last year, an evil villain is fucking with her family.
  6. Let’s keep this on topic, please, shall we? This isn’t a topic/forum about other platforms and it’s not about cheerleaders’ boyfriends either.
  7. Must not be too unpopular an opinion, I’ll chime in on agreement as well. For one thing, Sarah Chalke is a much better actress.
  8. I think people can interpret it that way, but I don’t think that was what they were going for. I personally don’t see it.
  9. Yeah, that’s why I have no problem with kids watching shows that have sexual innuendo. They won’t get it, don’t worry about it. I remember watching Three’s Company as a kid and the draw for me was all the Jack Tripper pratfalls and physical comedy. But the innuendo? Never noticed it. It was when I watched the reruns at about middle school age that I got it and it and it was like a whole new show! I recently watched the entire Three’s Company series and I honestly don’t get the closeted gay vibe off Mr. Roper. He still just strikes me as a grumpy, near-retirement age guy who just wants to
  10. I rewatched the last few seasons of Smallville recently and it’s weird how differently I see it now that the frustration is gone. I really enjoyed seasons 8-10 on the rewatch (the season 8 Lana arc notwithstanding, I had to skip that mess) and I especially liked seasons 9 and 10. At the time they aired I was just So Very Tired of it all but I ended up liking it on the rewatch, I was pleasantly surprised.
  11. Yasmine Bleeth’s retirement was predicated by a pretty massive drug problem, I remember seeing a really unflattering mug shot of her one time when she was arrested. I don’t think she’d have been an ideal guest speaker.
  12. Actually, I think it’s more like Georgie was mad that Sheldon pulled the dick move of purposely not inviting his big brother to his wedding and then only invited him because Mary forced him to.
  13. Xena and Hercules did have a few crossovers where you kind of needed to watch both shows to fully get what was going on (the ones where Callisto was crossing over come to mind). However, while Hercules wasn’t really my cup of tea, I didn’t actually mind having to watch it for crossover events, while watching Station 19 feels like I’m having my soul sucked out. (Also, for Hercules and Xena crossovers, the irony was that the spinoff was wildly more popular and the purpose of those was to get more eyeballs from Xena back onto the parent show.)
  14. I was thinking that this show might best be viewed in a binge format. Because once a month had gone by, I’d forgotten about the dead body in the first episode, the guy who was one of Maladie’s minions and the touch fan girl with the cutoff toes.
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