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  1. Ok, I want to be clear that this topic is supposed to be for what its title entails: current squad and their social media. This is not a catch-all stream of consciousness topic. Commentary about the DCC organization, reruns on Pluto TV, women who used to be on the DCC, all have their own topics and do not belong in here. It is also not a stage for petty squabbles. It’s ok if someone likes someone you don’t like— and vice versa.
  2. Yes, there was internet in the 80s, mostly used by hardcore tech geeks like Sheldon. Though this show is actually about flip over to 1991.
  3. I kind of love that episode. .
  4. I don’t like the other interns, I’m iffy on Carol, but I like everybody else.
  5. Jill may not even be asking Andy to do even that. This may come up in a future episode but for now, we know that Jill doesn’t want any alcohol consumed in her house and doesn’t want to taste it when she kisses Andy. As far as I know, they don’t officially live together so if Andy wants to go drink with his cop buddies or with Adam and he goes to his own home afterward, that would probably be acceptable circumstances for Jill because it wouldn’t go against the two things that she mentioned.
  6. Other than act like total dicks.
  7. I love the Muppets in commercials. The Cookie Monster iPhone commercial is one of my all time faves.
  8. The episodes usually have a verbal reference to the things listed in the title but I don’t recall hearing them talking about spitting.
  9. If memory serves, the access numbers were local. The service provider would give you a list.
  10. “We brought these from home!”
  11. If Marjorie hadn’t needed Tammy’s rent, I’d have thought they were going to go with Christy and Tammy rooming together.
  12. Thursday is such a packed schedule for me, TV-wise. Usually I watch this show, then switch over to CBS for Mom and Carol’s Second Act, then watch DVRd Young Sheldon to finish it off. I watched two minutes of this episode, saw the writing on the wall that it was to be a solid hour of Meredith-fluffing, switched over to Young Sheldon as fast as I could and watched a Big Bang Theory rerun to kill the half hour I had until Mom started.
  13. I pretty much figured as much when Missy first showed up on The Big Bang Theory and hit it off so well with Penny but it definitely becomes more and more obvious as this show progresses. Although I think Penny is smarter, because she was usually able to figure out how to best Sheldon without resorting to physical violence.
  14. kariyaki


    No, that was during the Robin Colcord years. They were going to write in Kirstie’s pregnancy after she and Sam had first slept together but then she miscarried.
  15. Airdate: Thursday, November 14, 2019
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