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  1. kariyaki

    MLB Thread

    Yeah, I got the impression that nobody liked him. They may not have had any idea, but if he was that twisted, he might not have had a personality that they liked. This quote from the article is interesting though: I’m guessing the author doesn’t know much about baseball if they think there are 32 teams.
  2. kariyaki

    MLB Thread

    Well, I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the toxic atmosphere that’s been a problem in the Pirates clubhouse.
  3. Sorry, but I don’t believe for one second that the prison system gets any of that money. We’re paying for it.
  4. My cat once ate the onions off my fajita and then projectile vomited everywhere, so I believe the onion thing.
  5. Not to mention that prisons are full enough as it is, and putting someone in there that can pay back society in other ways is more of a burden on tax payers who have to pay for their lodging while they’re in there.
  6. I had a cat who loved peanut butter. As soon as the smell of peanut butter permeated the air from me eating it, there he was, sitting at my feet, staring at me.
  7. OMG, I’ve been doing that too! I let them build up and a night like tonight, when my baseball team isn’t playing and I have no game to watch, is when I burn through the backlog. I will miss not having it on the schedule this year. It was a staple for 12 years and its absence leaves a big hole.
  8. Airdate: Sunday, September 15, 2019
  9. Isn’t one of their children still a minor? Maybe they didn’t want to risk both parents going to prison for years.
  10. There’s no change to any of the international distribution deals, so it should be the same for you. The Mindy Project was a show that started on FOX and ended up on Hulu. It still aired on a weekly basis, it didn’t drop all the episodes at once.
  11. Westerns are period pieces. With cowboys, saloons, gun fighting… Northern Exposure has none of these things.
  12. I found the shower beer holder at Target. The best part is the pictures of a guy in the shower with his beer.
  13. Everybody? We really shouldn’t have to keep dipping in here and reminding you all that this is a spoiler thread. This isn’t a catch-all topic. If you’re talking about people who aren’t on the squad anymore, it doesn’t belong here.
  14. “I’ll subscribe to Hulu” is the option that works for that. You’re subscribing and sticking around long enough to pay for it. I don't expect anybody to subscribe to Hulu for the rest of their lives in any instance. Dammit, I meant to put “buy the DVDS” as an option, I forgot it.
  15. kariyaki

    MLB Thread

    It was the Five Seven Grill for a while (in honor of Bagwell and Biggio’s numbers) but they remodeled the center field area a couple years ago and there isn’t a sit-down restaurant there anymore. Now there’s various multi-level bars, a Torchys Tacos, a wing place, standing room, etc.
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