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  1. Yeah, we only get anything juicy about behind the scenes drama for shows when it’s decades later. I know it technically IS decades later for some of it but the show is still on the air. We ain’t getting nothing while it still chugs on.
  2. Not to mention that Ross and Carol still slept together at least one more time after that and conceived Ben. No doubt, Ross had been hoping that Carol had changed her mind. Yeah, he really should’ve had therapy. It’s not like he hadn’t before, his parents had sent him when he was having that recurring nightmare about being eaten by Monica.
  3. Heh, did anyone ever watch Futurama? I always love the Friends joke, from aliens watching old earth broadcasts.
  4. I submit 12 Monkeys (the show, not the movie) as probably the best example of a show whose arc was laid out in advance and followed to a satisfying conclusion. As it starts, you ask a zillion questions of who what when where why how and by the end of that show EVERY SINGLE QUESTION you ever asked is answered. And makes sense! And if you rewatch the show again, knowing all the answers, you pick up on hints totally missed the first time around. I truly believe that show is a masterpiece of storytelling.
  5. You can fill stuff out for lost birth certificate, although if Phoebe did that, presumably she’d have a copy, in which she’d know what her middle name was. I wonder more about how she got to Barbados if she wasn’t “allowed” to have a passport.
  6. Grandma Roper was Lily’s mother, not Frank’s. And yeah, the prison dad was a stepdad Lily married after Frank took off. He was supposed to get a furlough to give Phoebe away when she married Mike but “apparently stabbing Iceman in the exercise yard couldn't wait till Monday.” And they never said, but I always assumed Phoebe ran away while Ursula stayed put (whether in foster care or at Grandma Roper’s) because Ursula ended up getting all of Lily’s belongings: suicide note, birth certificates, etc…
  7. Monica wasn’t there. I had noticed that continuity “error,” but I fanwank that Monica knew that Ross and Carol celebrated that date as an anniversary but not the specifics of what it was — because I really doubt any brother would tell his sister about his virginiversary. Even Ross and Monica with their boundary issues. Yes, but apparently Ross was too drunk or something to remember because he thought it was chandler.
  8. Kaley rather horribly broke her leg falling off a horse sometime during the run of The Big Bang Theory, missed two episodes and had to spend a good handful of other episodes only being able to sit down.
  9. She keeps forgetting about this show, it’s summer, it’s not supposed to be on! (It’s fine to start the topics if I forget.)
  10. My guess is sponsors. That’s really the only motivator I can see here: potential loss of revenue.
  11. Too bad, because I’d love for it to really happen, it’d be hilarious. Like this:
  12. Nothing beats the mountains of Smallville, Kansas.
  13. kariyaki


    A whole mess of off topic posts were removed. This topic isn’t for discussing anything but the tv show Unforgotten.
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