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  1. They haven’t slowed anything down. Each season has been one year. They can’t slow it down, they have two adolescents rapidly whooshing through puberty.
  2. I agree that Jennifer has a lot more range than she gets credit for. I think that criticism comes about because it wasn’t until later in her career that she actually tried taking on riskier roles. At the beginning, just about any non-Friends role was still very Rachel-like. Either she was offered the role outright and she took it or that’s just what she felt most comfortable auditioning for or a combination of both. She definitely does a much better job of branching out into more challenging roles and I also agree that her real personality isn’t anything like Rachel.
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  6. kariyaki


    Yeah, I think that was my one real criticism of the season was all the focus on Sandy and Jules transitioning into their personalities, with Sandy swallowing the koolaid pretty readily and Jules actually bucking the trend a little bit, only for them to both fall into line as mindless drones? I feel like there was a lot of time wasted on them if there wasn't ever going to be any conflict with them questioning their orders. Instead, they both carried out their executions without flinching. And I will always wish there's more focus on Marissa.
  7. kariyaki


    Was anyone else surprised to see Dermot Mulroney in season 2? I didn’t know he would be on. Marissa is still a badass. Just about every time Hanna got in over her head, there was Marissa, mowing down bad guys with gunfire.
  8. kariyaki


    Because no one suspects a pigtailed co-ed to be an assassin.
  9. Did Amy still work with monkeys? Because my place of work is right next door to a university that has hundreds of monkey cages and something like 7000 primates and that place did not close.
  10. In which case, all the women would still be going to work. Howard too, as NASA is essential as well. Possibly even Leonard, since his work in applied physics means he probably can’t work from home, he needs the lab.
  11. Ha, I know (although I already vape), especially that one where the guy is talking about how it made his behavior change to aggressive and irritable or something? And it’s like, get a grip, commercial. It’s nicotine, it’s not heroin.
  12. Yeah, for somebody who’s germaphobic and doesn’t generally like touching or being around random people, Sheldon would be fine with that more than he would be annoyed with his change in routine. Plus, he can clearly adapt to new routines, otherwise he’d have never moved to California in the first place. i wonder more about some of the others. Penny can’t exactly do pharmaceutical sales right now. Amy and Bernadette would still have been going to work, since theirs is medical.
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