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  1. I always like the ones where they yell out each others’ secrets, it’s happened more than once. Like in season 2, when the secrets du jour were Monica’s underwear on the flagpole, Chandler's third nipple and Joey in porn.
  2. Zoo guy = Homer Simpson
  3. Flight crew don’t get their passports stamped. If they did, they’d need a new one every month. They have their own special line they go through at customs. No stamp. Unless they want one.
  4. OMG, I hated Ross in that episode. Well, excuuuuuse Rachel for not knowing that Ross was keeping an illegal pet. And she apologized to him a thousand times (which I don’t think she should’ve had to do even once) and yet Ross still kept bitching at her about it.
  5. Hell, I give her credit for backing out of the relationships before the weddings. Three broken engagements could’ve easily been three divorces.
  6. The infidelity is where I think they have the wiggle room. I don’t think Mary ever mentioned it, just Sheldon. And I think he’s enough of an unreliable narrator that it can be he misconstrued something.
  7. From what we’ve gotten from the mother show, George and Mary divorced first. Then he died.
  8. Same here. George dies, he and Mary get divorced. I don’t want that walked back. I feel they have some wiggle room on Sheldon’s perceptions of the events as he’s told on the mother show but those two specific things are pretty big plot points that shouldn’t be undone.
  9. I get annoyed on Monica’s behalf that Ross kept bringing that stupid monkey with him over to her apartment. She clearly doesn’t like it being there, why is he so rude?
  10. Airdate: 18 February 2021 Please, no discussing spoilers from The Big Bang Theory that have not “happened” yet.
  11. Yeah, I think they made fun of Ross because he was such a huge geek about it. I mean, the man wore dinosaur ties, dinosaur watches, had them on his checks... We get it, you like dinosaurs. I’ve never personally known any paleontologists but in general, nobody over the age of 12 talks about dinosaurs as much as Ross did.
  12. Airdate: 11 February 2021 Please, no discussing spoilers from The Big Bang Theory that have not “happened” yet.
  13. There was an episode of Angel where Cordelia got a vision of a demon attack and wrote the address down for Angel and Wesley, where they burst in to find some old couple watching tv (and Angel isn’t able to enter), only to find that the demon attack was next door. Cordelia had bad handwriting.
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