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  1. It’s not RDITR? Google suggests “stove.”
  2. Everybody, this is the off-season but the rules of the forum are still the same. Discuss the cheerleaders. Criticism of each other’s opinions is not up for debate.
  3. There was something wrong with the elevators then, because emergency brakes are electromagnetic. They’re built to always be on if there’s no power. There’s a solenoid that has to electrically keep the brakes off as long as there’s power. That means if an elevator loses power, they’re supposed to automatically clamp shut.
  4. It doesn’t help that the outfit Maude is wearing looks like something out of the Osh Kosh B’Gosh catalog.
  5. And now the Dominoes commercial doesn’t make sense because why do you need to put on pants if it’s just your pizza at the door?
  6. Finally someone uploaded the Liberty Mutual seagull commercial to YouTube. Also, the Downey wrinkle guard commercial with the poor teenage kid misunderstanding the ruckus his grandparents were making in the closet just slayed me.
  7. Yeah, but if his wife owned all that herself before the marriage, then she gets to take it all back.
  8. The apartment manager, Treeger, did know and was letting Monica slide. He did almost evict her at one point because it’s an illegal sublet.
  9. Airdate: Thursday, April 2, 2020 As always, please do not discuss events of The Big Bang Theory that have not “happened” yet.
  10. Screech didn’t become a live action cartoon until later. The character was originally (which was on Good Morning Miss Bliss), just a dorky kid.
  11. The daughter is Mann’s actual daughter, Maude Apatow.
  12. Marsden isn’t THAT old. I think he played the older daughter's date.
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