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  1. kariyaki

    MLB Thread

    They set that up last year. I was really tempted to go, too, but I have too many baseball trips already this year. It's the attempt to get baseball catching on more in Europe.
  2. I never really felt like acting was Penny's passion. She went for it because she wanted to get out of Nebraska and be rich and famous. She got a modest amount of fame for the Serial Ape-ist movies, the pharmacy sales job got her the money and we saw from a couple episodes this year that she's enjoying the job more. So I think Penny did okay for herself there.
  3. kariyaki

    Blood & Treasure

    Harper's Island! I think that was the first thing I saw Matt Barr in. I'm in on this for the escapism and because the promos make it seem like Matt Barr will be shirtless a lot.
  4. Even if they're allowed to drive, they're no longer allowed to borrow grandma's van and take 15 friends to Taco Bell for lunch (I used to do this). A lot of states (mine included) now allow no more than one friend in the car if you're under 18.
  5. They did. Penny and Wil starred in Serial Ape-ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill.
  6. Cave and give her what she wants? That show will be on for ten more seasons now.
  7. kariyaki


    Cheers did get reunion episodes via the Frasier series, so it's not like it never happened anyway. I agree that a Friends reunion is not likely to happen. They'd need all six of them to be on board and so far, it doesn't look like even one of them would be interested.
  8. It's certainly keeping with the fact that Sheldon isn't terribly close with his biological family. He was so estranged from his brother that they didn't speak for years and Sheldon wasn't even going to invite him to his wedding, had people not intercened. Their relationship is better now, but I bet they still don't really talk much. Sheldon is meh-close with his mother and sister, but he sees them a couple times a year at best. Maybe they were there at the Nobel ceremony and we just didn't see them, as the point to close out the show was the curtain call for the people he's closest to.
  9. kariyaki

    The All-Episode, All-Topic Continuum

    A couple years ago, I was in Scotland for work. Much of my time was spent back and forth from work to the hotel, not really any time to do touristy stuff (although I did get a few days off here and there to take advantage of that), so my evening downtime was spent trying to find something to watch. To my gleeful surprise, The Big Bang Theory was available on Netflix in the UK. So while I was there (for five weeks), I started at the beginning and blew through the entire series (which at the time was seasons 1-9). Good times.
  10. I’m pretty sure exceptions are made when they’re local and living at home with mommy and daddy.
  11. kariyaki

    S15.E25: Jump into the Fog

    There are import/export laws about the shipment of organs and blood.
  12. kariyaki

    The All-Episode, All-Topic Continuum

    Dude! Me too! For a couple seasons, I totally shipped Penny and Sheldon. But once the show progressed more, I moved on. At the very least, I always treasured the Penny/Sheldon scenes because they had such great chemistry, even just as friends. Hell, them just being friends made it extra special. Because sometimes people can be close friends and that’s it.
  13. kariyaki

    MLB Thread

    That’s ok, check out the Astros/Red Sox score that’s just in the first inning right now.
  14. kariyaki

    MLB Thread

    Well look at that, he found another one!