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  1. kariyaki

    Blood & Treasure

    Let's get back on topic, please.
  2. It's the guy whose hair looks like the top of a pineapple that drives me the most crazy in the Truvada commercial.
  3. kariyaki

    Mom in the Media

    Yep. Not surprised at all.
  4. They did, but then didn't like what they got.
  5. kariyaki

    Xena: Warrior Princess

    My cable network (Comcast Xfinity) has the whole series on demand. Have for years. I watch some episodes once in a while but haven't the time for a full-on rewatch.
  6. kariyaki

    S01.E02: Chapter 2

    We've already seen that she is. Myfanwy whammied those fake bankers and she wasn't touching them. But everybody seems to be under the impression that she's a touch-only type of power.
  7. The problem is that maaaayybe it works, but you do also still have to change your diet and exercise. Can't burn off calories if you expend none at all.
  8. He already tried one about Beverly Hills 90210. He might be all, Been There Done That.
  9. 44 years ago? To quote Austin Powers: only sailors wear condoms.
  10. kariyaki

    S02.E13: Dragonfly in Amber

    It really comes down to the individual person. Some people pick up their accent from their environment, some from their parents. I got mine from my parents (east coasters) instead of my environment. I'm constantly being asked when I moved to Texas, even though I was born and raised here.
  11. kariyaki

    MLB Thread

    People have drug-problems. For a lot of people, that never goes away. I really don't have any sort of Fallen Hero disillusionment about it because it's not like Doc turned out to be a serial killer or anything. Cokehead. Oh well. It happens.
  12. It's more of a guideline than a rule. You CAN sell a show into syndication at any time, but are not likely to get a good monetary return unless there are a lot of episodes in the bucket. Syndication is usually a five-day-a-week run and the networks would prefer not to be resetting to episode 1 sooner than four or five months. That's why shows like Cheers, Frasier, MASH, Friends and The Big Bang Theory end up being so popular in syndication. They ran for at least a decade and it takes forever to hit the reset button on them, even when TBS plays them in five-episode blocks. As for why Northern Exposure doesn't air? The episodes are self-contained, so there's no problem there. I'd say it's because it's a niche-specific show that hasn't shown to have a lot of demand. Procedurals are popular, reruns of Law & Order have always done well. A show about some schmo in Alaska? Can't see a lot of people wanting to revisit it. Some do, I'm sure, but I know that I personally would not watch it if it were on.
  13. Don't those networks prefer half-hour shows? A lot of the reason those shows aren't being syndicated is because of length and not music, as syndication was already part of the negotiation when they first got the rights to use it. Genre-specific networks will air some of the hour-long shows (i.e. Lifetime and Grey's Anatomy) but in general, cable networks and affiliates prefer the half-hour shows.
  14. That also comes down to demand. Because yes, they can replace the music but that also will cost money to A) find and pay for new music and B) edit it into all the episodes and if it involves DVDs, C) paying for disc production. If they don't think there's enough demand to make enough money in DVD/streaming to cover all that, then it just isn't going to happen. The shows that are out on DVD/streaming with their music changed is because it was thought they'd be able to turn a profit. Some did, some didn't.