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  1. Given that Nancy Drew is a supernatural genre show, it’s not like the show runners were going for a true recreation, more like a different sendup, since there've already been countless iterations of it that have done the same thing to death. At least that one is different.
  2. Or the distributor made the trailer based on the first cut of the movie and then the final cut was done. This happens all the time, scenes appear in trailers that don’t end up in the final cut. They will get nothing out of this lawsuit.
  3. I went to two conventions in the 90s. One with John de Lancie (Q), and one with Brent Spiner (Data) and Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar). I won the trivia contest and got a Deep Space Nine foil art thingie that I still have and had framed.
  4. Unless there’s an official cancellation, shows are marketed as “season finale,” even if there’s no renewal yet.
  5. Missy is still in middle school, I think, so she doesn’t go there yet.
  6. And an opinion that apparently changed because of the Big Bang Theory episode where Leonard’s answer for the quiz to be roommates was TOS over TNG, but Picard over Kirk, which Sheldon considered the correct answer. (For the record, Voyager is my favorite too.)
  7. If I were Ross, I would’ve sent a note or something to the apartment manager of Rebecca Romijn’s building because that shit wasn’t just messy, it was health hazard unsanitary.
  8. I love that episode just for Blair’s ridiculous rendition of the the song, sung, as they put it, “like Julie Andrews.”
  9. I wasn’t saying Penny was right in not warning Sheldon, just that I get why she didn’t. And also, as @SusannahM pointed out, he’d had multiple letters about it but ignored them. But I don’t agree that she was “passing the buck,” no matter what she said about her own points. It still wasn’t her ticket to deal with.
  10. She could have but that would’ve just meant that Penny would’ve had to endure a longer amount of Sheldon bitching about it. So I get why she didn’t.
  11. Sheldon was the driver, it was his ticket to pay. And then he was the one who learned the hard way that you can’t condescend to a judge.
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