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Inclusion Policy: Updated 05.01.22

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In addition, given the current circumstances around the global pandemic, please see below for our policy on terminology.


The virus itself should only be named as Coronavirus or Covid-19 or variations thereof, i.e. C19, CV etc. 

The following moderation measures are now in effect:

  • Posts that use other terminology in an inflammatory fashion will be removed and moderation measures applied to the member.
  • Where other terminology is used without malice, the post will be removed and the member sent a PM to advise them of the rules and given an opportunity to edit their post.
  • Discussion of Wuhan as the place of origin in a reasonable and non-inflammatory manner, is permitted.

Thank you in advance for your consideration during this difficult time. Stay safe all!

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As an addition to our ever-evolving Inclusion policy; moving forward, a number of offensive words will be auto-censored by the board software, like so - 'c***'.

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