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Help! I'm Scared. How Do I Request A New Show Forum?

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Don't be scared. It's pretty straightforward. Let me explain:

  1. Start a new topic in the New Show Forum Requests area and use the title of the show as the topic title.
  2. Submit 3 topic titles for us to set the forum up with otherwise it'll be all empty and sad-looking. One of these must be a Small Talk - with obligatory witty subtitle - topic. (If more than 3 are submitted we will choose 3 from your list).
  3. Submit an 'official show synopsis' for us to post in the forum.
  4. All forums will start off with individual episode topics, so no requesting Season or All Episodes Talk topics.

Please see this example request for reference.

Please note: Only requests for brand new shows or shows currently airing new episodes will be accepted. Cancelled shows and limited series consisting of 5 episodes or less, should be created as a single topic within the appropriate 'Other X Shows' area.

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