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  1. Just about everyday in the early morning hours (before sunrise), there is this woman on one of the cable channels (Comedy Central) spending a half hour trying to sell sex toys. It seems like the same damn infomercial every time I see it. I had to watch it twice, the first time I saw it, it took me an hour after the infomercial ended for me to pick my jaw up off of the floor.
  2. I would rather have less commercials. But yeah, the sound is far too loud during commercial breaks.
  3. The new season just started, it isn't shocking that the commercials are everywhere. That said, TPTB ought to be more concerned with better story telling within the episodes and not spend so much time airing commercials. It doesn't matter how man TWD commercials are aired, if the writing within the series continues to be as bad as it has been over the past several years.
  4. Given the massive numbers (millions) of healthy cats and also dogs of all ages that get put down each year and never find a loving home, I would be pissed too. I have no reason to believe that the cat advocate group would lie. Cats (as well as dogs) can be destructive if they aren't trained properly. There are a lot of people that bring home a pet or pets and then assume a pet will train itself. And then when the pet or pets don't arrive pre-trained, back to the animal shelter they go. Or even worse, people just dump them somewhere and let the animals fend for themselves. If those animals are lucky, some caring soul will find them and save them. Unfortunately, most of those animals most likely aren't that lucky. So yeah, I can believe that a commercial would cause people who have never had a kitten or a cat to think twice about adopting one, and as a result not adopt one at all.
  5. I think Beth's mom (Carole) is confusing strength with arrogance. Carole comes off as incredibly arrogant and unlikable. I wonder how she feels about her daughter being married to Randall? Randall, a dude that suffers from anxiety attacks, something that he has no control over. Something that I wouldn't wish on anyone, it is very difficult to deal with. I wonder if Carole views Randall as being "defective" and "weak-minded" unworthy of her daughter? I would imagine that Carole would feel that if Randall were mentally strong, he wouldn't have anxiety issues. I also wonder how much longer Toby is going to put up with Kate's crap? She keeps taking verbal shots at him and he keeps putting up with it. Sure she apologizes after the fact, but at some point apologies don't matter anymore. At what point does Toby lose his patience and verbally go off on Kate?
  6. Random stuff, transition isn't my friend, not that I have any friends. I hated it with a passion. I suffer from severe migraines, I don't need to hear screaming babies. I knew this episode was going to suck when "Sweet Caroline" was brought up. As a kid I loved the song, I had it on a 45 (that is a vinyl record, not a gun). As an adult, I hate it with a passion. Most overrated song, along with Peaches' and Herb's "Reunited" which never felt so good. At least not from a song point of view. It really sucked. Kate should have known the baby couldn't handle all that noise, what a moron. And then she has to go after Toby about his weight loss, what a bitch. Rebecca embarrassing Randall by inserting herself into Randall's budding relationship with Beth? Another asshole move. She is doing nothing more than playing the same role/acting the same way as she had on "The Cosby Show", Clair Huxtable. Nothing to write home about. I get that Kevin wants to help is uncle, but moving a big ass trailer next to his uncle's trailer seemed like a real dick move. I don't like seeing people inserting themselves into other people's lives, making those people uncomfortable. Those are intentional acts. That was going on this entire episode, and I didn't like it one bit.
  7. This was the best episode by far. The story of the week was awesome. That said, having the escaping stalker/photographer trying to escape by running down a street which is completely empty and the dude decides to trip over the only pile of garbage bags on the sidewalk. Come on show, do better that was ridiculous. Having more than a couple of suspects this week is a vast improvement. Having the stalker/photographer care so much about his pet cat was totally awesome. I am a pet lover, so I appreciate that the stalker/photographer wasn't made out to be some total psychopath. He wanted to make sure his pet was being taken care of. He thought he was dying, thanks to Malcolm. Kind of a dick move on Malcolm's part. At least before Malcolm left, he could have told the dude he would be okay. I still think Malcolm's mother is a lying sack of crap. She is manipulative, she knows more than she is saying.
  8. She didn't do nothing. She basically made all of the protagonists targets by standing on Whisperers' land. Alpha saw her standing at the top of the cliff. She isn't Vulcan, so we know there wasn't any mind melding involved. As we have seen in this episode, the Whispers have limited control over the herds of walkers. That explosion in the sky spooked the herd. The Whisperers looked genuinely scared when that happened. That said, if there is ever a walker stampede, that will be the slowest stampede in the history of stampedes.
  9. Don't feel bad, I didn't realize that she was a girl until you told me she was a girl. In this entire episode, they couldn't show how the Whisperers take care of babies in an effort to have them survive? They can't walk in the herds while carrying screaming babies. I don't remember this at all. Probably the one time that (for me) having a bad memory is a good thing.
  10. That looks like loose skin from massive weight loss. I don't think they have tummy tucks in the ZA. But hey, if they go there I'll watch. That is, as long as it is tastefully done.
  11. icemiser69

    S3.04: Triggers

    Even if Buck wins, he loses. Not only does he risk his relationship with Bobby, even if he does get his job back, he would have to be transferred somewhere else. There is no way he could work where he has been working. This is the first season I have watched of this series. I don't know if characters on this series get themselves involved in things that they shouldn't be getting themselves involved in like they do on Chicago Fire. Watching those people falling down the stairs like dominoes was both scary and hysterical. Rhonda Rousey's acting is coming off as incredibly stiff. Children/adults without siblings can't possibly relate to the stresses and strains of children/adults who have siblings. Two totally different worlds.
  12. I had to go and jinx it by saying this series/season wasn't that bad. Another episode like this one and I might be done with it. I can't watch anymore violence, I need a break from it. Nicotero directed this episode, so I suppose I shouldn't be shocked at the level of violence. Still, if violence is all this series has, then this series doesn't have much. I need to see some positive romantic relationships. Some optimistic friendships.
  13. I thought it was a playpen. I know Lydia is too old for a playpen, but Alpha is holding on to that cute little rabbit for Lydia, and we already know from this episode in a flashback that Lydia had no interest in sleeping with the rabbit.
  14. Her reaction was absolutely understandable. Alpha also still has her motherly instinct even if she can't show it. If she didn't have that instinct, she would have killed the young woman.
  15. People who would want to lose weight, I don't recall seeing any overweight Whisperers. I just figured she never lost that weight after popping out Lydia. They walk around enough, all of them should be pencil thin. Maybe it is just lose skin, and nothing she does will tighten that skin. Awe, that's my name for Daryl. That said, I wouldn't mind if someone took Alpha down by the river and beat her against a rock. Back in the old days I went on a one week fifty mile hike wearing a heavy backpack filled with clothing and enough freeze dried food for the week, canteen, and other essentials. I went with a couple of family members. Sleeping in lean-tos with no places to bathe. For an entire week. When we got to our final destination, my mom picked us up and we had to drive home with the windows open. When everyone stinks it isn't as noticeable, but once my mom caught wind of us, I was afraid she was going to strap us to the roof of the car. Long story short, I don't think the Whisperers could smell each other at all. The protagonists should be able to smell the Whisperers long before they arrive. Because the Whisperers are still living, they should have a different smell than the walkers. An entirely different level of stink.
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