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  1. Ymmv. 😀 Imo, she acted like a jerk to all of the men in this episode. Until proven otherwise, I will stick with man hater. If she had chosen to work with JT over Dani, I wouldn't have played the man hater card. If she hadn't treated Gil like crap, I wouldn't have played the man hater card. Even if she has a problem with Malcolm, and only Malcolm, she shouldn't be taking it out on anyone else. She should be acting like a professional, which from the moment she entered that office, she was anything but, professional. She barged in and acted as if she was running the place. If she didn't get full cooperation from Gil, she was going to go over his head and cause trouble. It isn't what she said, it is how she said it that I have problem with. A bull in a china shop would be far less destructive. She has horrible people skills.
  2. The cat was an orange tabby. Not red. The cat wasn't even the stereotypical black cat bad luck nonsense that causes a lot of black cats not to be adopted, and often causes black cats to be treated badly when they are roaming around by horrible people. Especially during Halloween/Trick or Treat, when it is recommended that people keep their black cats in the house. I think cats should be kept in the house all of the time anyway to keep them away from predators, and also stop them from killing wildlife. Given the way Kristen tore the sweater away from the poor cat, I won't be shocked if she ruined the sweater in the process. That was her big asshole moment, she could have injured the poor cat's claws. I won't be shocked if she did. It is past Halloween, probably not that far away from Winter. Putting that cat in her uninsulated, unheated, office is incredibly cruel. I didn't see the bed in the office this week. and If that were true, they would have been naked. I think it is far more likely that he has a foot fetish. Besides, given the number of kids they have, I can't imagine them wanting to waste any of his little swimmers. I just hope that Kristen doesn't end up pregnant. Four obnoxious kids are enough. If only they were. That orange tabby could have been from one of the most underrated television shows in the history of television, Early Edition. The writers shouldn't need the viewers input to realize that the noise level is a problem. The sound person should have been able to tell them that. This all comes back to their kids. What did the kids tell their father about Ben?
  3. I suppose he could have been smoking basil since it is a companion plant for tomatoes, and we all know how those from Alexandria love their tomatoes. Given the size of that place, their cornfield and tomato garden are incredibly small given the numbers they have to feed. I would have expected them to plant high yield vegetables with long shelf lives like potatoes, turnips, winter squash, and onions. Tomatoes don't have a long shelf life unless they are canned. They could also dry beans for winter time use. Apples can be held for long term storage. I don't recall seeing any apple trees or anyone eating apples. Once Daryl runs out of rolling papers, he would probably have to use Connie's endless supply of little notepads. Once everyone fell on to that ledge inside that cave, it seemed to be incredibly bright, probably so the viewers could see what was going on. I assume it is pitch black for the protagonists since they ran into a dark cave before they fell. I have no clue where any light would be coming from.
  4. A Christmas Carol quiz? 12 out of 13, not bad.
  5. She will probably start up her own version for young women. Sheryl is reliving her younger years. Probably from a time when she didn't have many responsibilities at all. If they had broken it off, I think that would have been mentioned. Besides, that is the one big secret that Kristen's husband is keeping from Kristen. I wasn't sure if those glass walls were solid or if there were gaps between the sections of glass. Perhaps you are right, the room could have been bugged. If it was, I am disappointed that they didn't show it being bugged. I wonder if that cat is some how linked to David's sweater. Kristen buried David's sweater in the pile of clothes. I don't know why she did that. Her husband knows that the sweater isn't hers. It was like she was trying to bury her relationship with David so her husband couldn't see it. Kristen said that they can't have a pet. She didn't say why. She was being a real asshole to the cat. Kristen came off as a real jerk. I don't know why she was so pissed at that cat. If the writers want me to hate Kristen, they are doing a good job of it. She is coming off as an uncaring animal abusing bitch. I find that sudden burst of anger from Kristen quite troubling and out of proportion with all that is going on. Plus it seemed out of character. I don't like seeing characters being manipulated into destroying themselves. I was hoping that Sebastian would have changed his mind and told Leland to shove it. Sebastian was far too willing to go along with murdering people. Sebastian should have asked Leland why he was pushing so hard for him to kill certain individuals.
  6. It doesn't get much better than Benny Hill's Yakety Sex Sax music. I suppose that is better than the Fred Flintstone approach of using his two feet. I was thinking that he was probably smoking oregano or some other herb. On re-watch, there must have been a hole in the floor or some sort of trapdoor in that cave that Beta jumped over, while everyone else fell through. Then Daryl ends up falling through with a knife in each hand. I don't know how he didn't cut himself. I don't think any of them have a rope, and I don't think I have seen anyone carry a flashlight this season. A walkie talkie might be useful if they had one. But given the protagonists current location, they might not be able to use one anyway given that they are below ground level in a cave.
  7. I was hoping for Barney. Betty is kind of a gabby gurdy. I am definitely not that. Beyond that, she is pretty mellow.
  8. A lot of the sports talk radio/television people don't like all of the bowl games. My response is that if they don't like them, don't watch them. That's awesome. I agree with you. Back in the early to mid seventies there were even less games shown than in the eighties. That was before ESPN's arrival in 1979.
  9. Jerry Jones swears on live radio. I guess even rich people can't swear on live radio without getting their call dumped. If Jerry Jones wasn't such a high profile owner, there probably wouldn't be as much pressure on the Cowboys.
  10. I am aware of that. 😀 The song became popular again when the movie Ghost was released. Just like a whole bunch of old songs were made popular again when they were played in The Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I only mentioned the song Unchained Melody as it related to the KFC commercial. not the history of the song itself, because it would have been off topic. I think it is a good thing that movies and to a lesser extent commercials are able to revive old music that many of the younger folks have never heard before.
  11. Thank you for posting. My television guide says the same thing. Double running two episodes of Early Edition in the early morning hours starting Tuesday.
  12. I didn't have a problem with the commercial at all. I just took it for what it was. But in the era in which we live where so many people are so thin skinned, it seems as though things need to be blown out of proportion just so entities can stay relevant. No better way to do that then by playing the "offended" card. When online trends become news stories, I think that is a huge problem. She did come off as a snot. She needed her father's help and when she was done with him she tossed him aside like a used Kleenex.
  13. Which Flintstone character are you most like? I am Betty Rubble. Actually, that explains a lot.
  14. Who the hell would raise such a kid to be so entitled with no ability to deal with life's disappointments? The dark path that Sebastian had taken wasn't something he was born with. He was enabled all along the way. That is where he developed his sense of entitlement. Leland exploited that sense of entitlement which resulted in Sebastian's self-destruction. If Sebastian had sought the proper help, he probably could have turned things around. Which was a huge flaw in this episode. There is no way that those two would be allowed to overhear what was going on in the deposition. Which makes me wonder what those screaming kids have been telling their father about what has been going on while he has been gone. I like him as well. He acts like a grownup. Kristen, not so much. I like him. He looks a lot different. I do wonder if there will be changes. I can't imagine having all of that screaming going on through another season.
  15. If the church lawyer (Renee) had any respect for the church or David, she wouldn't have crossed that line by trying to seduce him. She is selfish. The kid had huge problems and needed help. His sense of entitlement was his biggest problem. The scary part was how easily he was manipulated into crossing that line by feeding into that entitlement. I am not surprised that he shot himself. He wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. I agree that Andy looks much better with a beard. I don't know why he and Kristen were laying down at opposite ends of the bed. It wasn't like they were having sex. Though this series is in need of a sex scene between those two. This series also needs to gag those kids. At least Sheryl (Kristen's mom) wasn't in this episode. I don't like it when shows make cats some sort of possessed villain. It is too cliche. Kristen's office isn't insulated. She must freeze her ass off in the middle of winter in New York. Kristen isn't going to take that trip, I don't know why the show even went there. If she leaves the series is over.
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