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  1. You were in a band? What did you do in the band? How did you feel when you became best buds again? Did you have any reaction at all, or did you just let it go? I have played the role of doormat/place holder. It isn't fun, but I have to own my role in that, because I allowed it to happen. When that happens I try to change the subject. There is no upside to talking with someone about their relationship troubles. Emotions are a tricky thing and trying to comfort someone can easily backfire.
  2. It shouldn't, it will inevitably lead to the "will they, won't they" get together type of thing that they can try and milk for as long as they can, until she finally gets the dude. That has been done so many times on different series, it isn't new or original. If writers want to go down a better path, they should have her date all sorts of people, eventually having her being happy with someone that cares about her regardless of what that individual may look like. Plain Jane winning the heart of Joe Studmuffin has been done to death. I think the show is saying that she can't be happy unless she ends up with the man of her dreams. That is where I have a problem. She can only be happy if she gets that guy. Anything less would be settling, and she can't be happy if she settles. She wants to be in a relationship that is clear. Limiting her options to a pie in the sky fantasy is just not healthy. The one thing that I think she needs to think about, is what if she can never have that guy. She can daydream all she wants about being with him, but if she isn't careful, she will daydream her life away.
  3. That sounds like a placeholder/doormat type of relationship. Wanting someone around when they need them, and not wanting them around when they don't need them. Or wanting someone around when no one else is available, no other options. A friendship of last resorts.
  4. The look in his eyes are really sad, "what have I done to deserve this". That is the type of look I see.
  5. This site has been pretty wonky lately, I am beginning to wonder if it is being held together with baling wire and number two pencils. Signing in to post has been pretty hit and miss.
  6. That applies to just about every conversation with strangers now, walking on egg shells.
  7. No, I am not nuts, thanks for asking.🥜🐿️ I would have thought for sure some readers would have had something similar happen, overhearing a strange conversation, and the people that were having it wanting to add them into the conversation. In my case, I don't know if they were screwing around or not, but given how odd some individuals behavior can be, I thought it was better to keep my pie hole shut, because you just never know what the motives are for people having such a conversation. It was just weird all the way around. On a side note, I will say that I know for sure that when a friend is having relationship trouble, you have to be real careful in what way you are being supportive. If that friend starts verbally trashing their significant other, it is important to stay out of it and not join in. Joining in can cost you that friendship. That is especially the case if that friend and his or her significant other work things out and stay together.
  8. Ken is doing the best the he Ken (can), but no one can replace Alex. I don't think he should be trying to imitate Alex, whether he is trying to or not. I know that it has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in this case, I think it is a sign of weakness. Ken needs to make the time that he has this gig, for better or worse, all his own. I have watched the entire series of Grimm and I still wouldn't have guessed it.
  9. I have no idea what that is, but if it is what I might thing it is, perhaps Flo from the Progressive commercials could expand into a new line of commercials. She already has the name already to go with the Flo. Briefly.😁 Get it son? I made a funny. Just my inner Foghorn Leghorn coming out.🐓 Sorry for the obnoxious behavior. Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, and their stupid huge ad in the lower left corner for some movie that has suck written all over it. They don't need to leave that frickin' ad on the screen for so long. And certainly an ad that looks like it takes up 1/6th of the television screen is far too big. Running that damn thing so long while a television show is airing is distracting and annoying.
  10. In your area of the barnyard, I would imagine a lot of folks sound a bit like Foghorn Leghorn. Just a guess.🐓😁 So you are a fan of moose and sqoyal. I remember the reruns of Fractured Fairy Tales. I hadn't realized that there were this many episodes. Aesop and Son episodes were pretty good as well. I don't know about one-note. Definitely one-scent.🦨
  11. Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer (Stacy Keach 1984) airs on GetTV tomorrow at 6:00pm EST. I don't recall seeing that series on that channel before. Regardless, tomorrow is the first episode of the series.
  12. Have you ever had an appointment with a medical professional, and the medical professional and his or her assistant are having a strange conversation, and they try to suck you into the conversation? And then you feel as though you are being set up for something? Then you keep your pie hole shut, because you don't know where that whole conversation is going to lead? That type of conversation could happen with friends, relatives, coworkers, but still there is that gut feeling that the conversation was going to lead into an uncomfortable direction. I am socially awkward as it is, I have no ability to dance around any subjects (uncomfortable or otherwise) which is why I keep my pie hole shut.
  13. Yeah, I knew this series was based on a British sitcom, but I have never seen that series. Generic vanilla. Back in the day, my father's favorite. I appreciate the compliment. You must have a sixth sense about things. I have been rather gloomy lately. Glad to see you here as well.
  14. I actually went to the movie theater and paid to watch that steaming pile. I think that was the same movie where a seven foot jackass decided he was going to sit in a seat directly in front of me. Then he turned around and asked me if I could still see the screen. I said he was fine where he sat, and I got up and moved somewhere else. I think he was being a jerk. He knew I couldn't see past his ginormous head. If he had turned his head, I might have been able to look through one of his ears and see past the outside of the other ear. I just didn't want to have to deal with any of it, so I sat elsewhere. In terms of the series itself, I didn't care about the cast changes. I enjoyed the series for what it was, and I still DVR the episodes that air on FETV. It is escape television for me.🧹
  15. I will never understand why Popeye and Brutus (Bluto) fought over Olive Oyl. I have nothing against Olive, but I just don't get the attraction. Granted, Popeye and Brutus (Bluto) weren't any great prizes themselves.
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