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  1. Philip Rivers reportedly has moved to Florida. I am not surprised. I think if he has any chance of playing again, it would be in the East. Plus, he never seemed like a West coast guy anyway. I think it is clear the Chargers are going to draft a new QB in the first round, even if they have to try and move up in the draft to do it.
  2. I guess that is what happens when you sit in gum. or I can't place the face, but the smell is familiar. 🤢
  3. My horse road out of town awhile ago, the San Diego Chargers. I never bothered to follow after that. Loyalty is a two way street. If I don't have a team to root for, I root for the underdog. Plus, I don't like the way the sports media over hypes teams. Tony Romo couldn't stop kissing KC's butt. I had to watch the game with the tv muted. Plus I don't like "toast boy" Jim Nantz. IMO, Jim Nantz comes off as a pompous jerk. I would just eat my toast. I wouldn't send it back.
  4. I was hoping the Titans would win. I think their defense really let them down. I have no one to root for in the SB. The sports media have made it impossible for me to root for KC. It isn't KC's fault, but I won't root for teams that are hyped up by the media (popular). I don't like the 49ers at all. I always root for the underdog, I am anti-bandwagon.
  5. Well, there was that episode of Nip/Tuck where a dude had sex with his couch.
  6. He waited too long. He should have held out long ago for a bigger salary. Now, he is no longer the quarterback he once was and his options are limited. I don't know what this means, but as long as you root for the Titans that is all that matters. 😁 I do think they have a great chance of winning. That is, unless the refs get whistle happy. Usually they let things play out more on the field in the playoffs. Hopefully the cold weather will help out the Titans. There is no way the NFL would let that go without doing something.
  7. I bought an electric toothbrush not that long ago. I have never used one before. I must be using it wrong. It is like using a jackhammer in my mouth. Plus, I am drooling all over the place. All over my shirt, all over the floor, a complete mess. If the toothbrush doesn't calm down, I will end up picking my teeth up off of the floor. They would probably be easier to clean that way, I just have to remember to number them so I know which socket they go in.
  8. I try to reign it in a bit, but every so often I string a few words together that should probably be left in my head. My gatekeeper that transfers the words from my brain to my fingertips must have overslept.
  9. I am surprised they don't poke their eye out with that thing. You would be surprised what people have in their bedside tables.
  10. I was watching a concert on Youtube. I had no idea that some performers used teleprompters. I suppose it makes sense given how long their sets (concerts) can be. It is amazing to me that they can remember to play their musical instruments properly with proper timing for each song.
  11. You learn something new every day. The dude in the commercial reminds me of Willy Wonka. If Grape Ape's penis is missing, I think I found it. It was converted into a train engine. Sadly, the whereabouts of his balls are still unknown.
  12. Yes, but I didn't think that they would make it that obvious that they were going there with the commercial. I thought they would have been much more subtle about it. But then again, more and more commercials have shown no boundaries at all.
  13. Decades is airing The Rookies this weekend. That series doesn't hold up well at all. The story lines are horrible. And Kate Jackson's acting? Yikes. No emotion at all. In one episode they had a lady cop trying to protect a witness on the first floor of an apartment with the curtains and window wide open. A bad guy is about to shoot into the window at the witness when a patrol car pulls up in front of the building.. The bad guy runs off. The lady cop and the patrol officers start running after the suspect. That witness runs out of the apartment building and up to a fellow nurse's (Kate Jackson's) apartment further up the street. The lady cop should have stayed with the witness. In any case, the bad guy tracks the witness to the nurse's apartment. He pulls a gun on the witness and the nurse. They charge towards him and he drops the gun and then they proceed to beat him with pillows. Pillows! They have all sorts of things they can hit him with and they choose pillows. The only thing the bad guy was going to get is a bad case of the feathers.
  14. Have you all seen the Trojan train commercial yet? Take a real good look at the engine, it appears to be penis shaped.
  15. I don't know how those male porn stars can put their pants on. Most of "them" are so huge, they could use the damn things for kickstands and not have to worry about falling over.
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