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  1. icemiser69

    210 Words Per Minute

    On the mothership, I didn't think they had the slightest clue how to show the abduction of the ten that were later piked. I think that is why the avoided it entirely and just had a a flashback of them trying to escape after being taken, It was mentioned on a recent episode of FTWD that the kids were left behind with Wendell. I thought for sure that they would be killed off, off screen. Is Wendell really going to be able to protect those kids all by himself, after we saw him struggling with a walker during the plane landing? I don't think so. I am surprised that Morgan didn't take the carousel and have it brought back for the kids to ride on.
  2. icemiser69

    S21.E25: Power of Veto #8

    There is nothing more annoying than watching house guest's act like gloating jackasses when they are not on the block and have power, and then when they are put on the block cry like babies. I thought the VETO competition was really cute. I was hoping that TPTB would weight differently the duplicate looking stuffed animals, It would have made that competition that much more difficult.
  3. icemiser69

    S21.E24: Head of Household #8; Nominations #8

    I found that whole HOH competition boring. I would hope that TPTB would move on from it and bring on something new. They need to adjust the competitions to the strengths of the house guests. Just looking at who is left in the house, it wasn't difficult to figure out who would most likely win the HOH.
  4. icemiser69

    210 Words Per Minute

    This series was never that good going back to when it first aired. Madison and Travis were supposed to be intimately involved, and yet they acted more like two people that knew each other, not two people that were madly in love. Fast forward to present day, and the current living characters are just working together, but don't appear to be emotionally attached. It is hard to care about characters, when they don't show any emotional signs when it comes to caring for each other. That whole mall visit seemed like a big waste of time. It was nice that they helped the person that wanted to be put down after he was bitten. Outside of that, that whole mall scene didn't do anything for me. Having the walkers go up the escalator single file should have been the easiest way to kill them. Yeah, I know there were already some walkers on the second floor. Still, shutting off the escalator and then killing all of the walkers on the second floor first, then turning back on the escalator and taking down each walker as they reached the top seemed like the wiser move. Dwight "removing the thorn" from the bad guy's paw was completely telegraphed. Letting the dude go in hopes of having that dude in the future return the favor later on was to be expected. I am just waiting for the character Rosy Scenario to show up on the scene sprinkling fairy dust across the land. If TPTB end up killing off a bunch of characters, I hope they are smart enough to do it on screen. I still think that TPTB are trying to send a message of positivity to the viewers of this series. That it is never too late to change in life. Perhaps I am reading more into it than there is, simply because this series is so boring.
  5. icemiser69

    S05.E09: Channel 4

    I don't consider it whining. The protagonists freely acknowledge the mistakes they have made in their past, and are trying to be better people now. It is a noble act and shows their personal growth. The problem, is that no matter what they do now, they can't make up for what they have done in their past. I have a feeling that message was being sent to the viewing audience in an effort for the viewing audience to realize that the viewing audience may have personal regrets in their past, that perhaps they can be better people in the present and the future. It is never too late to apologize for past actions, unless those people that they wish to apologize to aren't around to hear it. That doesn't mean that those people (that are around to hear it) receiving the apology are obligated to accept it. Some acts are so truly horrible and life changing that no apology will do. This episode reminded me of some of the old M*A*S*H television series episodes where they were being interviewed by a reporter. I wouldn't be shocked if FTWD went down the path of a "Dear Diary" type episode. That would be similar to the letters that some of the M*A*S*H characters wrote home to their loved ones episodes. It shows a great deal of strength for people to admit when they are wrong. There aren't a lot of people in this world willing to do it.
  6. icemiser69

    S21.E20: Live Eviction #6; Head of Household #7

    I only watch what is televised on CBS. I don't watch the live feeds, the After Dark show, or read spoilers. I did watch Jack's extended interview hoping that more would have been revealed about his behavior in the house. Nope, nothing more than a puff piece. That is a pretty embarrassing display by TPTB. They should have gone into greater detail of Jack's behavior in the house. I am still very much clueless as to what happened.
  7. icemiser69

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    There was a recent news story in which Millennials were polled, and the results were that 20% of Millennials acknowledged that they didn't have any friends. I have a gut feeling that the real number is much higher. When some people park their asses on social media for hours upon hours, and don't talk to people in the real world, it shouldn't be any great surprise that they are lonely (friendless). I would imagine that somewhere around 15% to 20% of any generation are pretty much friendless, And I assume those numbers would hold true pre-internet. Now that the internet exists, those loneliness numbers will most likely continue to increase at a rapid rate.
  8. icemiser69

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    I believe concessions is where theaters make most of their money. They probably have to jack up those prices in order to stay in business. My mom used to stick a Snickers bar up her sleeve before she entered the theater. Luckily there was a much cheaper candy store close to the theater that she would stop in before going into the theater.
  9. icemiser69

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    I have been lucky, when I used to go to the movies, very few people were there. That said, there was that one time in a practically empty theater, a 7 foot dufus parked his ass in front of me and then turned and said to me, "I am not blocking your view, am I". I said "no", and then a few minutes later I got up and moved. The guy knew he was being a dick.
  10. icemiser69

    S21.E19: Power of Veto #6

    I suppose that is as close to a Jart competition as BB is ever going to get. I am glad that Jessica played it out the way she did. However, it is kind of annoying when outsiders lay low, and when they gain power act like gloating jackasses. So, how is that speed of smell any different than how Tommy normally smells? BTW, what is that smell and how do they make it so intense?
  11. icemiser69

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    I know I am late in saying this, but I am sorry that you lost your beloved pet. I've been there multiple times. It is always sad to lose a pet. They bring so much to human lives and ask for so little in return. I have always found the "Rainbow Bridge" comforting. How awesome would it be if it were real.
  12. icemiser69

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    Is that a hangover issue or a bladder issue? You could always "Pamper" yourself before you go. 😀 I've been there. My "plumbing" isn't as good as it once was. I used to be able to sleep through the night without getting up to "water the flowers". Now, not so much. How was the concert?
  13. icemiser69

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    Over time, a lot of performers lose their singing voice. They just aren't the same. Glad to see Alice is still bringing it.
  14. icemiser69

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    Nashville said: "So, I was out all last night - Motionless In White, Halestorm and Alice Cooper were all playing the Grand Ole Opry House..." ----- So, how was the concert? Did Alice Cooper's voice hold up? How long did he perform? ETA: I didn't know if it was possible to drag a quote box from one forum thread to another, so I half-assed it and moved it to where I thought you might see it here.
  15. icemiser69

    S21.E18: Head of Household #6; Nominations #6

    Conversation about concert taken here.