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  1. I haven't seen Maggie's main squeeze post in awhile, I hope he is okay.
  2. It will be interesting to see if his wife has joined the dark side. TPTB seem to be setting up another big bad with the story built around the woman that appeared to be embalmed while alive as well as the plaque being an intentional act and not a random occurrence. They did only find fifteen of the sixteen bodies at the embalming/funeral home.
  3. Someone lives there I don't know who. No, it was a recently purchased properly. I don't know if it was a foreclosure purchase or not. I went today to the dentist and they prepped the tooth, and I will have to wait a couple of weeks for the next appointment. If there isn't any pain they will just prep it for a temporary cap. Otherwise it will be a root canal which they farm out to a specialist. Apparently root canals are handled differently now. The last time I had one done many many years ago with my now retired dentist, it took several appointment to get the job done given the number of roots and complications involved with one of my back teeth. When I was talking to the dental assistant after today's appointment, she was saying a patient had a root canal done and complete within forty-five minutes. If I end up heading down the path of a root canal (which I think this is where it is headed) I should be so lucky to get the root canal all done in one visit. Now I have to make sure I don't eat anything until the numbing in my mouth goes away. Back in the day as a child, I didn't wait for the numbing sensation to go away and I ended up chewing on my cheek so badly the right side of my mouth looked like a chipmunk's cheek full of seed.
  4. I can't get a hold of the owner. I have written to him, and other neighbor's have tried, but no one can get a hold of the owner. I don't want to raise a big stink, but I don't want to lose any trees either, and I sure as shit don't want to clean up any mess from a neighbor's trees possibly falling. I just don't want any drama. I would rather not drag the city into it if it can be avoided. One tree has hit a neighbor's shed, another tree has hit a different neighbor's fence. The trees aren't dead yet, but the way they are leaning toward my property it doesn't look the least bit promising that they will stay upright. For those who don't watch FTWD, if you have any interest in what happened to Dwight's wife, last nights episode was real interesting and made huge strides in that direction. BTW, FTWD isn't close to recognizable to the way the series started out in season one.
  5. You can blame the View and all of the 24/7 news channels for that as well as the Sunday morning talk shows as well as the morning news shows, and the late night talk shows. When people watch that shit long enough, they start imitating that behavior. Social media feeds off of it. I have no interesting in watching, reading, listening, to people verbally rip each other to shreds. That is the reason why I block all of the 24/7 news channels and I don't go near the View or the Sunday morning talk shows, morning news programs or late night talk. And I only post in these forums and nowhere else. There is a reason why certain subjects aren't allowed to be discussed in these forums. I am glad that is the case, I wouldn't be here if those topics were discussed. That is why I have said multiple times that I read a lot about a variety of different subjects getting as many different viewpoints as possible to keep my mind as open as possible. IMO, that is the best way to become well informed. I don't blame people for keeping their pie holes shut. I keep my pie hole shut on those subjects and many others. There is no upside to talking about them.
  6. I don't think this episode was all that shocking. The swerve was far too obvious. Al doesn't meet up with the lady on the helicopter, waving her off. Then Dwight talks about his wife during the episode, not really sure if his wife was alive or not, meets up with her at the end of the episode. And of course the much needed drug to fight the plague was on the roof. This episode is proving more and more that walkers aren't much of a threat to anyone who is paying attention and has a weapon, unless they are severely outnumbered.
  7. She can take over for that bushy eyebrowed lady in the commercial who acts like a gloomy gus, because she has to buy her adult Huggies in the store. It is a commercial for getting those suckers via mailorder in order to avoid embarrassment. I am still waiting to see if there is a commercial for teeny weenie condoms to be ordered through the mail, so guys won''t get all upset when they head down the all mushroom cap no stem aisle. I think it is all fake, he has won too many competitions that required some level of smarts for him to really be that dim.
  8. As a kid, not in a million years would I use a shovel on my parent's old driveway once they finally bought the snowblower. It was a long driveway and it would take all day to clear it with multiple people shoveling. It was even harder before they had the driveway paved, constantly hitting stone while shoveling. There have been quite a few people over the years that have died from heart attacks while shoveling snow. Snowblowers are a must have. Snow can be wet and heavy, it is not worth messing with when there is a lot of snow. A few inches of light fluffy snow? Yeah, I have no problem shoveling it. Beyond that, a snowblower is a must, especially when the plows push the snow into driveways. That is where it really gets heavy with sand and salt mixed in. It is wet and very heavy. I don't like noise coming from leaf blowers, I prefer to rake. The one peeve I did have as a kid is when people would throw snow past their driveway to the right side near the road. The snowplows would come by and push that snow down the street and it would collect in a neighbor's driveway.
  9. I am in the process of cleaning out my breezeway and have found out that the mouse was living part time in one of my old shoes. I don't think he or she is related to Old Mother Hubbard, but who knows. I am in the process of cleaning everything up and washing everything down and then I will see what I will do next. I will obvious toss out the shoes and some other old things that aren't worth salvaging. It is a real pain in the butt going through the process, but it has to be done. I was able to finally find some Flex Paste at the local hardware store.
  10. I want to take about four or five trees out completely. I understand, and appreciate that you are confirming that I can remove the parts that overhang my yard, but so many of those trees are so unstable at root/trunk level that are on his property. I just don't want those trees falling and wiping out the trees in my yard. There is one tree on his property that is at least fifty feet tall and its roots are practically ripped out of the ground on one side. The only thing holding it up is that it wedged itself in a nearby tree also on his property. The trees on his property are really old and planted too close together. They were there long before he bought the property.
  11. When I look at the items made with pea protein, those are the ones that I have seen with the highest sodium levels. Perhaps there are others, but those are the most noticeable ones for me.
  12. Peeves: So much focus being placed on cholesterol, calories, and fat, and so little attention being placed on sodium levels. At this point in my life, sodium is my number one concern due to its affect on my blood pressure. I am a vegetarian and I look at the sodium levels in most of the plant-based meats, and for me, they are so off the charts. Far too much sodium. When it comes to frozen foods, is it really necessary to have really high levels of salt in them?
  13. That hasn't been my experience. That said, it is much easier for people to spout off through a computer rather than face to face. This has been my experience. Most people I knew growing up didn't talk about any controversial issues. They would avoid them, because they always turned people off. Any opinion that I have on any subject that I might think will rub someone the wrong way I keep to myself. I have always done that. I do slip up on occasion and say something without thinking that it would set someone off, and yet that is exactly what has happened. As I have posted before, I am very socially awkward. I say something that I think is going to be taken one way, only to find out that it came across in a way it wasn't intended. I know I am in the wrong, so I always apologize.
  14. I agree. I don't know why there would be Christmas movies on Hallmark's Movie & Mysteries channel anyway. Unless there is a movie with a plot trying to figure out which elf snuffed out Santa Claus.
  15. There's a Dark Shadows forum? I didn't know there was one. I must be totally out of the loop.
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