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  1. Given how much I hate the character, I was hoping she would get stuck in the tree. She is obnoxious.
  2. This commercial disgusts me. Granny shouldn't be eating off of another persons plate. Any person that starts eating off my plate will get a fork in their hand. I think this Phexxi commercial has been mentioned around here before. I finally got to see it at around 3:00am. I have insomnia and watch the weirdest commercials in the overnight hours, and not just the sex toy infomercial that just fascinates me. There is another dude that spends a half hour selling knives. How many knives can one person possibly need? In any case, back to that Phexxi commercial. The most annoying pa
  3. Well it wasn't going to be the NBC peacock. I figured when they describe what they had found and the location it for sure was going to be Noah's Ark. Yes, she went full squirrel food. I was hoping that Angelina and Olive were going to get "involved". How disappointing that it won't happen. I hate the character. They ought to dump her out in the middle of the ocean just to see if she has enough confidence to walk on water. I don't like her new partner. Like many of the characters on this series, she has a serious case of the "can't shut the hell ups".
  4. Men who don't lift the toilet seat when they pee. If you can't aim the damn thing and hit the bigger target, what makes you think you can aim the damn thing and hit the smaller target? Even if you can successfully hit the smaller target, urine splash still ends up on the toilet seat. No one wants to sit on that. I suppose I ought to be happy that you at least lift the lid when you pee. Someone needs to design a scope for the damn thing so you can sight in on your target, and your target isn't the floor. Another peeve is people who pee in the shower. The smell lingers long after
  5. You mean your mere presence isn't enough of a gift? Four briefcases? That will hold a lot of underwear. Adult diapers? Not so much. Of course that Depends... Not everyone is wealthy enough to spend that kind of money on their kids. And even if they are, chances are they are carrying a lot of debt well beyond an expensive cell phone. Spending that kind of money on a cell phone for a child is ridiculous. and I graduated from high school in the 80s and the most I received in dollar amounts were $20.00. That may not seem like much to some, but people give out
  6. I think we always knew she had it in her to do something like that. Natalie is doing all she can to try and save her mom, I get it. I think most people would do all that they could to try and save a loved one. There can be consequences for taking such actions. The bigger problem I have is that she didn't tell her mother what she was doing. And, since her mother is the one taking the medication, her mother ought to be the one to make that decision. We all know how this will end. Like it always ends. Nothing will happen to Natalie. Natalie never thinks ahead. What happens
  7. Ugh, I watched that series to the bitter end and I hated the damn thing. I would rather watch Lorne Greene in what looked like pajamas on the original series.. There isn't a chance in a million years that this new version of Night Court will live up too the original. Dan wouldn't in a million years get away with the crap he pulled on the original series now, and his sleazy behavior was one of the most interesting things about the series. Markie Post will be seventy-one years old this year. Christine's character would have to significantly change from what she was during the fir
  8. I will take anything Inspector Gadget (Don Adams) has to say over anything that comes flying out of Rachael Ray's and/or Guy's pie holes. Whenever I see commercials for Guy's stupid show, I want to rename the damn thing, Douchebags, Dipshits, and Dorkwads. So now it looks like they have updated Guy's other King's Hawaiian commercial. Not a fan, it makes him look like a glutton.
  9. I was watching an episode today. It is the one where some weasel trips the Beaver and Beaver gets up and swears at the kid. Beaver's teacher (Miss Priss) threw a fit, because Beaver said a bad word. Such a bad word that Miss Priss couldn't handle it and sent a letter home with the Beaver. So here is my question. What word do you think came flying out of Beaver's pie hole that landed him in such hot water? And why wasn't Miss Priss more concerned about the kid that tripped the Beaver? I know Beaver's teacher is Miss Landers, but she completely overreacted to what Beaver said, tha
  10. Is that due to lack of sunlight? I imagine they are probably hoarding vitamin supplements. From what I have read about vitamins, it looks like they would have to take vitamin K2 along with vitamin D supplements. I don't know if that would be enough to offset vitamin D deficiencies. I do wonder if their vision would be negatively affected without any natural light around. The same night this episode aired, earlier that day I had watched two other television dramas involving cults. I know they are all fictional stories, but those types of story lines I find exhausting to watc
  11. I listen to a lot of Sirius XM. One song that they have been playing a lot lately is Girlfriend in a Coma. What the heck does that song mean? Did the dude do something to cause his girlfriend to go into a coma?
  12. Shelby was snarky, a bit of a smart ass and added a little levity to such a horrible situation in the episode that aired last week. I think the actress was fine as Kathleen in the episode that aired last night. Kathleen was a justifiable sad sack on a series where the main cast is mostly comprised of gloomy sad sacks. If anything, I think it is a writing issue, not a actress issue. I think the episode that aired last week was a much better episode simply because of Shelby. I assume he is planning his escape. I think the Maddox scene was a shout out, that regardless of what
  13. Television writing is a lost art. I can't think of a series right now where the writing is any good.
  14. Manifest's ratings are higher. Given the ratings, I am amazed that Manifest is in the process of having double episodes for two consecutive weeks, and the much higher rated Law & Order: Organized Crime is off the schedule for two weeks. I can barely tolerate Law & Order: Organized Crime. Over all I consider it a lousy show with no likable characters. A distraction? Yes, but both series are horribly depressing. At least they are both works of fiction, and not real world depressing shit. This series could use a dose of sarcasm, much like last week's episode of Deb
  15. My memory is really horrible. I trust your memory and the memory of all of the other posters far more than my own. I don't want to have to watch that episode again. I thought he was listening in on the walkies so that he could monitor everything that is going on. Recorded videos would be only as up to date as the time they were recorded. If Teddy wants his plans to succeed, he has to monitor everything that could possibly get in the way of him going through with his plans. Okay that makes much more sense. That said, he has to have lots of people trying to get in the way of his p
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