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  1. Both of those series cause me to run screaming into the night, and not in a good way. Bob Eubanks (82) from the old Newlywed Game can move around pretty well in the 60uP Balance Building System TV Commercial. The exercise equipment looks like something from Playskool. I don't know how sturdy it is, but I do think it is unbelievably expensive. I was born with really horrible vision. All these years later, now that I have balance issues that just makes matters worse.
  2. Even though green M&M's are supposed to make people horny, the yellow M&M is still my favorite, and it isn't close. As a television character, the yellow M&M is the most adorable. Licorice is supposed to make people horny. It makes me nauseous.
  3. Every time I hear the name Liberace, all I can think of is Bugs Bunny sitting behind a piano, saying: "I wish my brother George was here." I hate when I give a donation and I tell them not to call, and then they become a giant pain in the ass and call anyway.
  4. The only way David could run the house is if David was the only one in the house. Playing it up in this episode that he finally had the opportunity to vote someone out of the house after not being able to do that last season, proved the point to an epic degree that he is not an all-star. He has a chance to improve and do something special, but so far he hasn't proven that he can do a damn thing. However, he does seem to be a likable fellow. We will have to wait and see how long that hatchet stays buried. I won't be shocked if issues between those two crop up again.
  5. It is not going to be a fun distraction if the house guests continue to lecture the viewers and bring up real world events. It is one of the reasons that the NBA's ratings are in the toilet. Viewers need an escape from the real world, not be lectured on a "reality show". There is a huge difference between being informed, and being inundated. It is not going to be a fun distraction if house guests continue to vote in unison. It is not going to be a fun distraction if Julie spouts wisdom out of her butt hole every live episode. This is only the fourth episode and it is already the season of suck. And don't even get me started on the morons in the house that keep traveling down the same path as so many house guests of the past. Sidling up to a bunch of meatheads that will eventually toss them over the side without a second thought. Why did Kevin bother to come back on BB? Does he gain some joy out of his constant whining and groveling?
  6. I put my name on my tail just in case it falls off. I suggest everyone else do the same. No one wants to stick a stranger's tale on their ass. I suppose that is better than, The Land of Pissed Off Petunias.
  7. They are really cute. They remind me of the two black sibling kitties I adopted back in the early 90s. I still miss those kitties terribly.
  8. Are they related? If they are, the music I am hearing must be Dueling Banjos.🎵🎵
  9. I am just waiting for some erection pill commercial with the catchphrase, "It's fallen, and I can't get it up."
  10. That reminds me of my freshman year in high school. I brought my gym clothes to school on the first day of school and I didn't bring them home until Thanksgiving break. The armpits of my shirt were all stiff and gross. Like parchment paper. My mom wasn't pleased. Even after she washed my gym clothes, the armpits of that shirt were still stiff like parchment paper.
  11. The Johnsonville Sausage Grill is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever seen. It looks like a complete waste of money to me. The grill is made to grill sausage links and sausage patties. It should come with two flat plates for cooking other items as well.
  12. Thank you for that, that brightens my day.🙂 In general, I am the gloomiest individual in a herd of Eyeores. So anything that brings a smile to my face is a welcome change. Again, thank you.
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