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  1. I was shipped off to a school several miles away along with most of my classmates for one year, because the school we were supposed to go to in my hometown was being renovated. The rest of my class stayed in a smaller school in my hometown. The distance from the student's home to that local school determined who was going to stay in my hometown and who was being shipped out. In other words, those within walking distance of the local school, got to go to the local school. I missed out by a couple of streets, so I was shipped out. I would have gladly walked the extra mile to the school in
  2. They have no problem giving patients the boot for not wearing a mouth and nose bra. That said, the woman that sat across from me at the eye guy's office was wearing her mouth and nose bra, but decided to leave her honking nose out for all the world to see. I didn't say a word. The same thing happened a couple of months back when i was at the dentist's office, A woman sitting not that far away from me with her nose hanging out of her mouth and nose bra. She had such a coughing fit, I expected her to hack up a fur ball.
  3. I agree with that. I have watched a lot of those Breaking the Band episodes. I think it is very difficult to determine who is responsible for doing what without us being in the room to witness it first hand. And even then, people in general don't always see things the same way.
  4. It should be moved back earlier like it used to be. Kids getting ready for school and waiting at the bus stop when it is still somewhat dark out. Really not a good idea for people living in EST. Bus stops aren't always under a street light, and kids don't always wear clothing that is easy for drivers to see.
  5. There is a Big Brother episode this Friday (9/17) and next week Friday (9/24). They are both 8:00pm EST, one hour episodes. There isn't one on Sunday (9/19) that is Emmy awards night. Last night's episode again was another episode that could have been cut down to fifteen minutes in length. Nothing happened that really mattered. No suspense whatsoever.
  6. I wanted her evicted. I must be totally missing something. I just don't get where X is unstoppable. He hasn't won jack shit compared to Ky. Yes, I know a social game matters. Still, I don't get it. Something must be going on in the live feeds that hasn't made it to the the televised episodes. Throwing competitions doesn't mean anything. Throwing competitions doesn't look good on a resume. I also don't understand why Ky would have fared any better if he had aligned himself with the three women. He wouldn't have. The women are in an alliance. The men had to form their own all
  7. There was a time when cell phones were supposed to be turned off when in a doctor's waiting room. Apparently it is no longer enforced.
  8. I don't normally get that mouthy online, I apologize for that. That said, it sure as heck is frustrating that pet owners refuse to keep their pets under control when they know they have a pet control problem. Several years ago, on one occasion a woman lost control of her leashed dog and I don't fault her for that. She was really having trouble and I empathized with her. Her dog broke loose and went after another guy's dog, I assume to have sex with it, since that guy's dog was in heat. That man went crazy and started going after that woman's dog. The pets were finally separated. Tha
  9. I was having an eye issue, but was fortunately able to get into the eye guy's 👁️office PDQ a couple of days ago. The same day I called. Anyhow, I am in this massively huge waiting room and multiple people are playing with their phones and annoying the crap out of me. One lady kept pressing buttons on her phone, I assume she was playing a game. Is it too much to ask for people to put the button pushing on silent mode? For a good solid twenty minutes the same damn tone was coming out of her phone non-stop.
  10. Yesterday walked around the block and some littlepiecofshitzu type of dog in its own yard, bolted at me. The dude kept trying to call his dog off, but the dog was having no part of that. No the dog didn't bite me and yes I kept my pie hole shut. Did the asshole dog owner apologize? No, stereotypical entitled dumb fuck must not have been raised right. Since the dumb son of a bitch obviously can't raise a dog right, I hope he doesn't have kids. I am really getting tired of people not having control over their pets. I keep my mouth shut, because the last time I spouted off years a
  11. Hasn't she been that way all season long? X hasn't done much (on the televised episodes) all season long. I don't blame Ky for putting up Tiffany. When Tiffany named her final four, she named two women plus Ky. That right there told Ky where he stood. Yes, perhaps that was X's plan to lay low and come back and win at the end. Fair enough. I still think Ky made the best decision he could under the circumstances. He probably works for chicken feed.🐔
  12. One person's funny is another person's arrogance. I think she sarcastically talks down to people. I don't think she would handle it at all well if people treated her that way. Just my opinion, but it didn't take long for the puppets to cut their strings from the puppet master. I didn't like this competition at all. I don't like seeing food wasted like that. Plus, that competition is boring to watch.
  13. Fetv made lots of schedule changes. I don't think Eddie Haskle ran James West out of town, but one never knows. It makes me sad every time I go to wiki to read about TWWW. The series was canceled even though it had high ratings. 🐴
  14. icemiser69


    That is a good episode.
  15. I have mixed feelings about that. I think that is fine as long as all of the animals find new homes. I do think first time pet adopters would be much better off with an older pet that may not need much training if the pet needs any training at all. Also, I think older pets most likely won't be as tightly wound, which makes them easier to deal with. Adopting a pet is a huge responsibility.
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