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  1. This is definitely a show that shouldn't be on for two hours, and certainly not an April Fools episode. All of the April Fools jokes were stupid and annoying, and the annoying judges were even more annoying over a two hour stretch. The White Tiger was clearly Gronkowski. He seems like a really nice guy, but his act was certainly wearing thing and becoming more and more embarrassing to watch the longer he stayed.
  2. Showtime On Demand has all of the episodes of Homeland except for Season 2 Episode 9. I don't know why that episode isn't available to be watched. I am not happy about that. A lot happened in that episode that isn't available. I can only watch four episodes at a time. The lead female character is too damn annoying and exhausting to watch. Season 2 Episode 10 was the best episode so far. She spent most of that episode with her mouth gagged.
  3. It does make me wonder if Zeke pisses out little icicles when he pees. If Zeke is really that cold, Micheala's lips should have stuck to his when they kissed. Also, the writers really blew it. Everyone that touched Zeke should have gotten at least chills from the experience. No one had any kind of reaction to touching him.
  4. I must be getting at that cranky old "kids get off of my lawn" age. I am really getting tired of Lacroix's home life and his kid. I would like to see more of a backstory of Barnes and Gibson. I like her a lot. She has a smart ass personality. The joke she made didn't bother me.
  5. icemiser69


    It seems like they elevated Permasmirk (Upton) on Chicago PD to a point where she has surpassed Voight. Then they drag her never ending smirking ass on to this show and she makes the regulars on this series look like morons in this episode.
  6. Maybe he likes his chicken on the charred side. He can always go back and sift through what is left of the restaurant to see if he can find it. On a serious note, the chicken will most likely be nothing but ash. The investigators won't be able to tell that the thawing chicken was used as a timing device. I thought the marriage was horribly done. No they won't be together in the future. They don't really act like they want to be together now. More like a "friends with benefits" type relationship.
  7. Martin is a moron. Sophie being alive is a good thing for Eve, not a bad thing. Eve is just happy that Sophie most likely is still alive.
  8. icemiser69

    S03.E13: Pinned

    Michael is the one dealing with the medical crisis, Athena needs to keep her pie whole shut about the whole thing. He is going through a lot just dealing with the medical issue, he doesn't need Athena adding to the stress. I absolutely understand in real life why a person may not tell someone they know about a medical crisis. They don't want to have deal with all of the "drama" from others.
  9. So I guess Zeke is going to have to have is "popsicle" sucked on his honeymoon night. Michaela would have a tough time in the ER trying to explain how her who-ha became frostbitten. I wonder how much Ben would have to pay the kidnappers for them to keep the obnoxious little snot Cal?
  10. The walkers were probably the only ones ever attracted to his music. We have never seen Beta use his music before to attract walkers. Beta didn't need to use it. We all know that walkers are attracted to sound. The only time they are not attracted to sound is when the writers ignore what has historically attracted walkers for storytelling purposes. That usually happens when Whisperers are talking in a herd or on the sister series when it didn't even matter for one particular character. That character could talk in a middle of a herd and nothing would happen to him.
  11. A Flowbee comes in pretty handy in the ZA. There are a lot of things about this show that suck, so I am sure there must be a vacuum around somewhere in the ZA.
  12. You don't always get what you toss in the garden when discarding the vegetables that came from hybrid seed. Sometimes things that come up from discarded vegetables aren't true to the parent (hybrid) plant. I avoid all of it, even the news channels. Bitching and moaning over things that no one has control over is a gigantic waste of time. All sides have a reason to bitch. I am not a political person. I have no interest in listening to others bitch about it.
  13. Yes it will, but whenever I toss stuff into the compost pile, I throw leaves on top of it. That also helps cut down on the smell. When things decompose there is some odor. You want to keep any compost pile as far away from the house as possible. I have skunks in my yard that do a lot of digging. They would do that even if I didn't have a compost pile. When I was a child, my parents had three compost piles. Each area was only fenced in on three sides. They filled one area the first year, filled a second area the second year, and filled a third area the third year. That way, each pile was in a different state of decomposition. Then keep refilling the piles in the same order. After you use the first pile of compost, move on to the second one the next year, and the third the year after that. You get the idea. All of the compost will constantly be replenished. I don't like the plastic compost bins, they don't hold enough. Pine needles we use as mulch around blueberry bushes. Some children need more attention than others. I am not looking for pity from anyone. When I was a child, I was a shy introvert with no self-esteem with a few fair-weather friends. Parents have an obligation to build up self-esteem in their kids. My parents didn't have that in their DNA. Parents also have an obligation to monitor their kids to make sure that they are getting proper socialization. I am glad those grade school years (k-12) are over, never to be revisited. I was able to find toilet paper at Target. Limiting the number of items that can be purchased has really helped. So I guess there is a shortage on pet food. The media needs to stop beating that drum. That will just be another item for people to hoard. I guess parents were wrong, back in the day whenever I coughed or sneezed, they would say "cover your mouth." That became habit forming and now we all have to break that habit.
  14. I am tired of Carol's mopey ass. Others have lost far more than she has, and yet it is still all about her. Another horse needlessly dies. I hope the other two survive. Even the protagonists have killed people that didn't deserve it. If they are going to have a huge number of boring ass episodes in a sixteen episode season, then reduce the number of episodes per season. I would think AMC would have enough brains to not accept the ratings disaster this series has become, and not accept any excuses for the ratings drop. Replace Gimp, Kang and the writers. Start fresh. Make sure whomever they bring in knows the history of the show. I hated everything about Beta in this episode. Why the hell would I care that he was a singer? Does that really move the (record) needle? No.
  15. It is difficult dealing with the unknown and this whole virus issue IMO is an unknown. I believe the whole hoarding of toilet paper was media driven from the start. If they didn't harp on it, it would stop. I have no clue how much toilet paper was there when the supermarket opened. Earlier hours are for people of a certain age. Shortly after that ended, I popped in and noticed that there was one four pack of toilet paper left and one single roll. A man picked up a package that was on the floor and a woman customer asked him if he was going to take it. He said no and handed it to her. I would like to think that he was going to take it and he probably was, but he had kindness in his heart and gave it to her. I have been composting for decades. It isn't rocket science. You don't even need a bin. Just an area of the yard that can be left alone. Toss in leaves, grass, and rotting or discarded uncooked vegetables. Be careful. Composting pine needles will make the soil too acidic. I have had tomato plants start growing in it due to me throwing in rotten tomatoes. The seeds sowed themselves.
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