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Jarl Borg: Resistance Is Futile Bork Bork Bork!

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Oh, FYI Jarl = Earl.

I feel like his raid on Kattegat was justified. It wasn't very nice but Viking don't usually deal with nice. He's got as long as Horik and Ragnar are in England to find Rollo and Company in the mountains. Is this going into First Blood territory with Ramollo? Yes please.

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Is this going into First Blood territory with Ramollo?


Hee, hee, hee, this would be wonderful.  I have to say, Rollo is my very favorite Berseker.  And you're right about Earl Borg, but I feel badly for Ragnar because Earl Borg's real conflict is actually with King Horik.  Ragnar is just King Horik's agent in that dispute, which should be obvious to Earl Borg.  Methinks that Earl Borg has designs on taking King Horik out and taking over as King in his place.  Eliminating King Horik's supporters, like Ragnar, may be a step in that direction.  I guess Earl Borg doesn't feel quite ready yet to challenge King Horik, at least not outside of Earl Borg's own lands.  But he underestimated those Lothbroks -- they are not to be trifled with, Earl Borg. 

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