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We've gotten eight episodes aired on Toonami so far going into tonight, so I reckon Fire Force deserves its own thread.

Here's the entry from Wikipedia . . . I felt the need to clip out some backstory.


. . . special fire brigades called the Fire Force fight increasing incidents of spontaneous human combustion where humans beings are turned into living infernos called "Infernals" (焰ビト Homura Bito). While the Infernals are first generation cases of spontaneous human combustion, later generations possess pyrokinesis while retaining human form. The Fire Force was formed by combining people with these powers from the Holy Sol Temple, The Tokyo Armed Forces and the Fire Defense Agency, and is composed by eight independent companies.

Our protagonist is Shinra Kusakabe, a third generation pyrokinetic who can ignite his feet for all sorts of purposes. Also, his resting face is smirky and pained, which some people take the wrong way. His mother was killed by an Infernal, and he winds up joining Special Fire Force Company 8 . . . a group that fights Infernals and covertly investigates the other seven companies.

Did I miss anything? Going into tonight's episode, looks like somebody from Company 1 is trying to create Infernals.

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As far as I’m concerned, they could’ve made the whole series about Squad Company Seven.  

Although picturesque, building your neighborhood from wood in a Fortean future of potential Human Torches seems problematic.  (Flame On!)

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