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[Not A Bug] Notifications out of sync

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For the past two days I keep getting the red bell notification of either someone reacting to a comment I made or that there’s a new post in whatever thread I follow-only for it to be the SAME notification I got already. 

i.e. I’ll get a notification that x liked my post. When I refresh my screen two minutes or five minutes later, I get another red bell, and when I look to see, it’s for the same notification I had seen five minutes ago and not a new notification.

Windows 10/Google Chrome, IE, EDGE(doesn’t matter which browser)


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33 minutes ago, SilverStormm said:

I suggest clearing your cache as a first solution. Please let me know if it happens again after that, thanks.

Will do. Thanks. It seems it might have been a one-off, as things seem to be back to normal today.

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