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S01.E16: Mako Tanida

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I have to admit that Tom got a million times more interesting once it was revealed that he really was some sort of secret bad guy. I loved that this episode revealed that it was indeed his go bag with his money and his passports with aliases that Liz found earlier in the season (and that it wasn't planted by Reddington just to make her question Tom).


I love that Tom has been hiding his badassery all this time because damn, he was really kicking some ass and showing some skills in this episode. I was sad to see Lance Reddick go because he's awesome, but I am so glad that we are finally rid of Jolene. Is there a reason why Tom strangled Jolene but shot the Cowboy? Was Jolene's death more personal to him and that's why he wanted to kill her with his bare hands?


I also loved Ressler's storyline this week. Poor guy lost his girlfriend, his unknown baby, and his best friend.

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Working my way through Season 1; this was the best episode yet.  Probably because it had very little Lizzy.  I'd much rather watch her husband do the spy stuff.  


Spader finally got some good material in his exchanges with Ressler.  Parminder Nigra is criminally underused and I feel like Harry Lennix has been phoning in his last roles, this one seems no exception.  Not too impressed with Ressler's acting, but his character finally has a bit of motivation, besides bland.  I would like to know the kind of liquid repellent they put on his coat, though.  It worked wonders - 


This episode seemed to have better guest actors.  Please give James Spader better people and stories to work with in Season 2, show.

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