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And The Golden Arrow Goes To...: Awards, Nominations, and Recognition

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Arrow is #3 on this fanboy's list...
The Best 2014 Had to Offer… THE TV SHOWS!
By John McCubbin on Sunday, January 4th, 2015


Deathstroke is #1, Ra's al Ghul is #8, and Isabel Rochev is #10...
The 10 Best TV Supervillains Of 2014, Ranked

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I'm not even going to look at that list of supervillains, because if Ra's and Isabel are even making the list it must have been a terrible year for bad guys on television. Isabel's casual threat to kill Diggle and Felicity has stuck with me more than anything Ra's has done this season though. Shame they wasted her last season because she could've been a fun villain, and Glau's pretty good at fight scenes too.

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I wonder why they' put Felicity last on the list, after Laurel, Sara, Thea, Lyla, Tatsu and even Carrie Cutter. Has the lack of a costume affected this writer too?


Just going by the last line about Felicity I'm going to guess that this person is not a fan. 


She is headstrong and can be a little too much at times when she let's her emotions get in the way of her work. Does Felicity rank the highest on the hotness meter?


That's a weird thing to criticize her for in my opinion. If that person's problem is that she lets her emotions get in the way of her work I would be more likely to point to Laurel or even Thea, letting billions of dollars get taken away from your family because you're angry at them, for letting their emotions get the best of them but I guess it bothers them.

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While I'm not surprised Felicity is rightfully (IMO) crushing the poll, I for one, am not happy that they didn't include Nyssa in it.  I mean, if you are going to include Carrie/Cupid, then Nyssa is more then worthy of competing, dammit!

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Focusing on the positive - I love how EBR was recognized for her great acting performances in episodes 310 and 311!  I think she's very talented and a breath of fresh air, and that she has a bright future.  Sampling of the rave reviews (see pages 29 - 33 of the Starling City media thread for article links) -


Bleeding Cool: "I don’t know if Rickards is that much better of an actress than Katie Cassidy and Willa Holland, or if Felicity’s character is better written, but there is a huge difference between emotional scenes featuring Felicity and those with Laurel and Thea. Too often, the writers have a big scene between Laurel and Oliver or her father, or between Thea and Oliver or (last season) her mother, and it would be tedious to watch. Meanwhile, Rickards manages to take the audience on the emotional journey with her."


Den of Geek: "[F]or Emily Bett Rickards to (literally) go toe to toe with John Barrowman and have her character come off looking like the superior badass,  well... that's something."


Emertainment Monthly (on 310): "Rickards, who has become the breakout actor on Arrow these past three years, flawlessly acted this scene. She has become a major character on this show and continues to stun fans in her dramatic scenes. Rickards acting is exceptional and it’s hard to believe this is her first major acting role."


Emertainment Monthly (on 311): "Each week Rickards continues to step up her acting game and become one of the best actresses on Arrow. Her ability to go from moments of complete heartbreak to comedic moments is simply stunning.... By having Felicity wander around and not acting like herself, her pain is conveyed effortlessly on screen and Rickards acting has a lot to do with that. Her ability to silently take Felicity through the five stages of grief is astounding."


Entertainment Weekly: "Emily Bett Rickards’ performance along with the rest of Team Arrow’s response to Oliver’s death carried the episode."


Examiner (on 311): "Fortunately, Emily Bett Rickards has been unfailingly consistent in her performances when not constrained by manufactured intimacy, and her subdued portrayal of a woman quietly mourning as she goes through the motions of her life saves her character in this episode."


IGN: "Emily Bett Rickards delivered a strong performance this week, downplaying Felicity’s usual ditzy charm for something more raw and broken."


Paste Magazine: "No surprise—the big star of this episode is Emily Bett Rickards, who beautifully captures the various stages of grief,..."


Screencrush: "Felicity hasn’t exactly lacked for screentime or story beats, though “Left Behind” understandably gets the most mileage of Emily Bett Rickards’ myriad reactions to Oliver’s absence..."


The Movie Network (Robert Dougherty):  "Much of Left Behind works as much as it ultimately does because of Rickards, in work that would be considered a serious Emmy threat if it was on any other network in a show of any other genre – even in a world where the CW now wins Golden Globes.


WhatCulture: "The star of Left Behind, however, was Felicity. Emily Bett Rickards managed to take audiences through the five stages of grief in 42 minutes of television. Whether she was cheerfully denying the possibility of Oliver’s death, arguing that Oliver could have survived, or projecting her inability to save the love of her life onto Ray’s crusade to honor his, every single one of her appearances tugged at the heartstrings to a degree so amazingly effective that you almost wanted to look away and allow the character her privacy.  She didn’t wail or gnash her teeth or rend her garments, but Felicity Smoak experienced a desolate depth of quiet grief that will linger even after Oliver’s return to her."

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Focusing on the positive - I love how EBR was recognized for her great acting performance in episodes 310 and 311!  I think she's very talented and a breath of fresh air, and that she has a bright future.  Sampling of the rave reviews (see pages 29 - 33 of the Starling City media thread for article links) -

Also some acting kudos for SA:


Examiner: "Oliver may not be the nicest character on the show, but Stephen Amell has created in him a multi-faceted character who is more than just abs and action. Amell has successfully carried the show through some of its particularly dubious arcs, and his absence through much of last week's "Left Behind" was keenly felt.... Stephen Amell has a presence on screen unmatched by any of his costars, and the show really needs to pull him back into the main action to sustain viewers. "

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That's kind of a weird grouping lol. It's 80% CW couples and then Outlander? Odd. I'm surprised Barry and Iris made it on there at all to be honest. I like them both, but I'd be fine if they stayed friends. There's nothing that exciting about them (or any of the other couples on The Flash.)

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Oliver/Felicity are not that far behind Jamie/Claire. My vote goes to Jamie/Claire for having the hottest, most realistic sex scene on tv.

Ooh if they would let Oliver and Felicity hook up Oliver and Felicity could generate a hot scene even being on CW

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The People's Choice poll has closed.  Final results for Favorite On-Screen Chemistry 2015:


Oliver and Felicity, "Arrow"  36.27%
Jamie and Claire, "Outlander"  30.05%

Damon and Elena, "The Vampire Diaries"  19.65%
Emma and Hook, "Once Upon a Time"  7.56%
Catherine and Vincent, "Beauty and the Beast"  5.68%

Barry and Iris, "The Flash"  0.79%

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I found it more hilarious how many votes Laurel has already gathered. Felicity seems to be in the range of Thea. Roy is not that far behind. Also Sara & Moira a good amount of votes also. Which i find perplexing.

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469 votes, wow!


Felicity is in second place but is over 300 votes behind her. People do hate other characters as evidenced with Diggle and Det. Lance having votes when they barely do anything.  However in all the polls I've seen even on different sites, Laurel is miles ahead of everyone. 


The ratings may be holding steady, but that doesn't seem to be because of Laurel Lance. lol


I wonder if people like her as Black Canary but still don't like the character when she's not in the costume?

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My brother and I talked about Canaries today and he admitted he finds her more bearable in costume, so if she has to be on screen then he prefers Canary to Laurel. But since that's mainly because there's action going on, it's not a glowing endorsement of the character

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I guess people do really like watching people kick ass over character development. That's why this show is no longer for me. I watch shows for the characters and their interactions with other characters. It makes me sad when shows like "Forever" are doing terrible in the ratings because they are a character based, not a kicking ass or shock after shock show. 


Laurel is still not a character to believe in, the writers don't seem to get that. Putting her in a costume may help but it doesn't solve the problem as the poll shows. 

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Yeah, his point was that he's never going to like her, but since she's not going away, the costume is better than watching her, and I quote "cry, argue with people, or pretend she knows anything about law." Seriously, he is not a fan. He's been done with her since season 1 whereas I was more willing to hang on and hope for strong, consistent character development. He still makes fun of her - his favorite part was watching Sara kick her ass lol. But if putting her in the costume means less time focused on what a horrible character she is, he said he'll take it. I can see his point even if I don't totally agree, and I bet a lot of the male viewers who dislike Laurel have thrown up their hands and reached the same conclusion.

But since the CW is trying to build the male demographic, it's worth noting that he's getting tired of Arrow this season. He's far more interested in The Flash and says this Ra's story involving Merlyn is lame. Interestingly he does like Thea now and he couldn't stand her before. He's not bothered by Felicity this season but finds Ray kind of blah. So, there's the male perspective lol. He comes at it from a viewer and comic reader perspective, and I come at it as a comic reader and someone who's studied creative writing. We have interesting discussions, anyway

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I wonder if we'll actually get to see EBR and SA attend together? Have any of them attended awards shows before? I can't remember

It is not for PCA, it is a Valentine Day thing on their blog. I don't know why every one got so excited.

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Here we go again - new poll at SpoilerTV (Laurel is currently in the lead, Malcolm is second, and Felicity is third - ouch!)...


USD POLL : Who is your least favorite character on Arrow?

Posted by DarkUFO at Friday, February 13, 2015



Good Lord. There's something seriously wrong when Felicity is ahead of Malcolm Merlyn as a least favorite character. Guess being a mass murderer who mind raped his own daughter isn't as bad as a woman who has stuck to her beliefs and been a bit more emotional this season. Yikes. 

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