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1 hour ago, chitowngirl said:

So they canceled the show because of Covid and it wouldn’t be ready for the Fall? They couldn’t hold it until mid season? They still have a hole to fill either way.

It’s been replaced with the show For Life which is already in production. From the original Deadline article it sounds like there were several problems delaying the show including a change in show runner which is delaying the scripts, plus Covid restrictions in Los Angeles on location shoots coupled with it already being one of their more expensive productions and the network felt like they could make more money cutting it loose and going with other things. 

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(Sigh) too bad. Part of me was thinking that the protests still occurring in Portland would have made things more interesting than they already were, but it was going to take that long to get the scripts ready? Sadly I can see why ABC decided to not move ahead, especially with everything being delayed as it is and most shows are lucky to get a November spot. 

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On 9/16/2020 at 10:17 PM, Mysteyman said:

They are still shopping it  around.

Whats the best place for it?

And what kind of concerted effort can we lead  to make sure  it lands in  the right place?



If it were ten years ago, I would say USA - it would've been a good fit during the Blue Skies era.

Nowadays, ehhh, Hulu?

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One of my few shows I watch that is on Hulu...I am into the rest of the world tv shows. I never watched HIMYM so Colbie was a discovery. I hope they do get a second chance somewhere else, I liked the way they showed Native Americans as regulars on a series. My grandfather, who was born on the Rez would have been happy to see them as strong, multi dimensional characters.

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